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Want to Build a Life of Radical Authenticity & Impenetrable Self-Worth?

Apply for my 8 week online mastermind program for women. Waitlist for Feb 2020 open now.


Radical Blueprint has helped me awaken to what it means to be authentically me. Over the 8 weeks, I dove into different aspects of my life and identified blocks that are stopping me from vibrating as my highest self. Not only did I have the guidance of the wonderful Anna, but 9 other warrior women who supported me and continue to be expanders for me. I feel so much gratitude and am excited to carry on with this journey, with the tools that Anna taught us and a new belief in myself.

Upcoming events

I love connecting with people in real life, so here are my upcoming events and workshops.


Introducing Anna

Anna is a certified integrative health coach, supporting women to develop radical authenticity, radical self-love and radical wholeness with her no-fluff approach to personal development.

After spending 7 years in the corporate world working as an Executive Assistant for top CEO’s all over the world, and a wake-up call disguised as anxiety and burnout, Anna knew she had a bigger mission on her heart; to help women heal, step into their power and find what lights their heart and soul on fire. To help women feel more like them.

If emotional healing, spirituality, esoteric wisdom, sub-conscious programming, radical self-love and empowerment sounds like your kind of adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

let’s Work Together

If you like what I’m about, I offer 1:1 and group coaching, online courses, retreats and workshops—all of which you’ll find dotted throughout this website.








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If you’d like to chat to me and see which of my programs or courses are best suited to you, you can book in a complimentary consultation.


Are we a good fit?

If you want your life to be braver, bolder, in alignment and full of self love-invest in working with Anna, you will not regret it.
— Jess, group coaching client
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