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A certified integrative nutrition health coach with a penchant for helping women succeed in all areas of their life; be it health, wealth, business, relationships, spirituality or mindset.

Although health and wellness is my passion and my foundation, mindset is my real zone of genius after spending the past few years unpacking my own, trying to figure out why I seemingly had it all, but was so deeply unhappy. It's the epidemic of the millennial woman, really.  We can't quite put our finger on what feels off, but something does -- and generally, it's our mindset.

I've spent the past few years digging myself out of a proverbial shit hole of ineffective relationships, lacklustre friendships, emotional eating, lack of direction and a constant pit of anger in my stomach that I couldn't shake. (Daddy issues, it turns out.) I moved countries 6 times in 12 years, searching for my thing, realising it was at home (NZ) and the thing I'd wanted to do all along -- live and breathe health and wellness on both a physical and emotional level. And now I do.

Attending a private girls school up until the age of 16 when I called deuces on it, I had no idea what I wanted to do or be. Mum was the same. She found her thing at 40 years of age and has been happily self-employed since. On the advice of my grandmother who was funding my education (for which I am eternally grateful), I earned a hospitality management diploma and worked in the hotel industry for a few years. Despite having a lot of fun and cutting my teeth in the service industry; it wasn't for me. I applied to be a flight attendant and f*cked the interview good and proper (now that's a funny story). I moved to Sydney and worked for BlackBerry as an office manager, then moved into the marketing and PR team where I got to travel a lot and attend fun events with international celebs. I was important!

Maybe this was it?

It wasn't. 

At the time I didn't have a strategic bone in my body, and struggled to make executive decisions - an essential element of the role. Armed with a British passport from my father I moved to London & landed a role as an Executive Assistant (I lied on my CV to get the job); a role that I've held for about 6 years since, both in Sydney and at home in Auckland. Despite not being my passion, it allowed me to work with some incredibly smart and strategic people at the head of organisations; and gave me a robustness and a fire in my belly that has laid the foundation for my coaching practice today. It's also shown me that sitting in front of a computer and wearing shoes for 8 hours a day is totes not my jam.

I've come a long way from living in a walk-in-wardrobe on the Gold Coast at age 20..(to living back at my mum's house at 34, LOL) and this journey, this website and blog, is a celebration of that. I am in this game of life, and I am obsessed with it. I want you to feel the same, so I'm going to be rooting for you all the way whether you're a friend, a client, or attending one of my retreats.

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Nowadays I legit have to stop myself and ask how I got so lucky. I'm living a life on my own terms - recently leaving the corporate world to travel, coach, run retreats and share my love of oils full-time. The only person I answer to is my mum when she asks what I want for dinner. I have the largest group of soul friends I could possibly imagine, who - if I'm feeling shitty - will encourage me to primal scream in my car at the traffic lights. We'll openly ask each other when we last ate or shat - as if that could be the answer to our woes. My mindset is one of growth and abundance, whereby previously I was fixed on victim mode. I had a pretty normal upbringing save for my parents' separation when I was 5, but somewhere along the way my ego got the better of me and things went pear-shaped, emotionally. My anxiety reached its' peak at age 27 whilst living in London, where catching the tube was akin to sky-diving. It's something I still grapple with today and share openly about.

I am obsessed with the human experience and with seeing others thrive; particularly women. Men are okay too, but women are just everything. It's time for us to rise. We're being called forward to own our power and fulfil a higher purpose than the one we'd resigned ourselves to, for fear we were not deserving of it. I love learning about millennials and what they want and need to thrive. It's such a bloody exciting time to be alive and to have lived through such monumental change and momentum. I am so very excited, encouraged and humbled by the work that I do, baring witness to transformational change in others. Providing hope where there was previously none, and giving women permission to live really big lives. We all came to this earth with a very specific purpose, and the fun part (for me, at least) is figuring that out. That's the work. Despite the millennial curse of wanting everything right now, we can't rush it. Why should we? I'm in this for the long game and I hope you are too.


Above it all, I'm just a girl with a really big mission on her heart. I want everybody to have access to the transformation that I went through. Your very own 'heroes journey'. I want people to start believing that they are gifted, talented and unique, and they have everything they need inside of themselves. I want people to look in the mirror and love the face and the body staring back at them; and love the voice that they hear on their voicemail message. I want women to become comfortable with receiving and not feeling the need to give in return. I want women to move and nourish their bodies from a place of love and not fear. I want them to say an empowered 'no' to the f*ckboys. I want them to realise that we aren't our parents and we get to choose which attributes we inherit. But most of all, I want us to all just join hands on this wild ride we're on, and start treating each other and the planet with the kindness and respect each deserves. We're here but for a short time, but it's also a really long time, so let's just all pinky promise that we'll stop wasting our energy on things and people that don't matter, okay? Another thing that really spins my wheels is bringing women together which is why I'm excited to have launched my first Bali retreats, for that exact purpose. Sitting and breathing and stretching and sharing. It's golden.

I also loveeeee meeting new people who are purpose-driven and have a mission on their hearts, so if that's you, or if you'd just like to say hi - connect with me here

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Other things I'm currently into....living a chemical, low-tox, as organic as possible lifestyle with a minimal footprint on mother earth. That includes my make-up, skincare and products for my home - hence my recent obsession with essential oils. I'm into - what a lot of the un 'woke' would call - a lot of 'hippy shit'. I recently bought my first menstrual cup, which 5 years ago would have terrified the bejeezus out of me. I scrape my tongue every morning and lie on a shakti mat every night. I deeply vibe with mama earth and get out in nature as much as possible. I eat 80% plant-based but every now and then I'll eat a (humanely) pasture-raised steak -- particularly when it's moon time as I suffer from low iron and would rather a natural source than a supplement when possible. I believe in eating intuitively and supplementing where we're lacking - particularly with the way modern agricultural has raped the minerals from our soil.  I'm a bit of a walking contradiction. I have crystals, burn palo santo and incense, but I also really love gangster rap music. I'll eat salads alllll day and then find myself with my fist in a bag of potato chips. I don't watch TV but I love watching a Netflix doco. (Given is an insanely beautiful watch). I believe in love but I'm not currently dating. My biggest mantra is 'say yes and figure the rest out later.' Living that way has opened up some pretty life-changing experiences for me. Yoga is my exercise and my relaxation of choice, and by the end of 2018 I'll be a trained yoga teacher. I read a CRAZY amount of personal development books and am always listening to at least 6 podcasts at one time. My heroes are Peta Kelly, Gabrielle Bernstein and Jack Canfield. 

Above all else, I want you to know that I'm just really jazzed up on this life of mine. I know that I've consciously created everything that is and ever has been in my path. That's radical empowerment, my babes, and it's yours for the taking too. There's more than enough to go around for all of us.  

I love connecting with other humans on a mission, so if you feel called, I'd love for you to connect with me and hopefully our paths will cross IRL one day soon. Nothing beats that eyeball to eyeball interaction, so remember to disconnect to reconnect every now and then. You can build relationships outside of your iPhone, I promise. Remember to look up and live.

Ps. If you want to hear from me on the regs, I'd love for you to sign up to my newsletter. (Disclaimer: I'm afraid it's not that regular, but I plan to change that.)


Why work with a health coach?

If you could have done it by yourself, you probably would have.

A health coach is your biggest ally, advocate and 'running buddy' in achieving your wellness goals and creating the best, most fulfilling life for you. No doubt you have something you are working towards, whether it be losing weight, gaining fitness, strengthening a relationship, finding a meaningful career or navigating a spiritual path; but with an overload of information available, you might be struggling with how and where to get started. That's where I come in. Health coaches work with individuals and support them in making lasting positive changes to diet and lifestyle. 

We empower our clients to shift from a passive recipient of expensive health care to a responsible, self-directed advocate for living well. Because that's what life is all about, right?

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