Want to be radically aligned in every area of your life?

With a mind and body you love, soul friends you adore, thriving relationships, a fulfilling career, healthy finances and a ridiculously big, happy and exciting life ahead?

I got you, AND, it’s closer than you think. 

Bringing people back into alignment with their truth, their beliefs, their values and their purpose is the work I was made to do - because I've lived it. For so much of my life I seemingly 'had it all' but was so desperately unfulfilled and unhappy. I lacked any motivation to go out and make something of myself. I had the desire; I just didn't know how to take action. I resigned myself to the fact that 'other people deserved big, successful lives; not me.' I spill my guts openly on my blog so go and have a read. I literally ‘thought’ I had: no friends, no interests, no ambitions, no hobbies, and nothing interesting to say. The truth is, that was all B.S, but it was a story I was running.. And we ALL do it.

How many stories do you think you are telling yourself on a day-to-day basis? I’m fat. I’m unloveable. I’m terrible with money. I’m not smart/pretty/funny enough. I’m not marriage material. I’m not good enough to be promoted. I’ll never be successful. Holy fucking shit I could go on because these are the stories I’ve been unpacking the past couple of years.

And since those were the thoughts I thought; that was the life I created. You see, our thoughts become things. We are consciously creating everything that is happening in our lives, first in our minds. I only wish I knew that 20 years ago when I was shaping my beliefs about the world. I could have spared myself a whoooooooole lot of pain and suffering. But, it was necessary for my growth. And it’s necessary for yours, too.

That's not to say that I didn't have success in some areas of my life (mainly career; one that never fulfilled me on a soul level), but I just didn't feel like I would ever achieve anything noteworthy, or attract the people into my life that I have. Can you relate?


Let Me Ask You..

  • Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut and you're not sure how to get out? 

  • Are you constantly saying yes to things that you really don't want to do because you're scared of hurting someone's feelings by saying no? 

  • Do you feel as if you're always falling 'off the wagon' of whatever healthy living plan you're on and you believe it's because you have no willpower?

  • Are you confused about whether the career you have chosen is right for you (or worse, are you straight up hating it?) 

  • Are you sick of comparing yourself to everyone around you and regularly find yourself engrossed in a strangers instagram, wondering how they were in the Maldives last week and now they're in fucking Paris?

  • Are you regularly using food and alcohol to relax, and your shopping addiction has gotten out of control?

  • Are your relationships feeling stagnant and icky and there’s certain people you’re avoiding? 

  • Do you tend to put other people's needs first and neglect your own?

  • Do you wish that you could figure out what your purpose on this earth is?  

  • Do you wish that I'd stop asking these questions because you're already saying YES, YES, YES!!!?

I can so totally relate my friend.

If you're a firm YES to any of the above then you will absolutely address these areas in this group coaching program. It's time to put yourself first and iron out all the kinks in your life. With people more stressed and unhappy than ever before, there is no better time than now. Magic happens the moment we get out of our own way and say yes to ourselves. Life is short but it's also really bloody long - so we owe it to ourselves to have a killer time while we're here on this piece of earth, and there is nothing like having an experienced guide to support your process. (I have a coach too, because we ALL need mentorship in order to thrive).


Imagine In 8 Weeks..

  • You've quit the job you hated (ok that's a bit extreme, but entirely possible!)

  • You feel confident and love looking at your physical body for the first time in a long time, knowing it is strong and healthy

  • You're eating whatever you want and feeling no guilt about it. Those couple of extra kilo's you're carrying have melted off with no effort

  • You wake up excited about what's ahead in your day and in your life

  • Your romantic and work relationships are thriving. You're asking for what you want and getting it.

  • You have attracted in some incredible new friendships and those that were no longer serving you have effortlessly slipped away...

  • You've cleaned up those negative thought patterns that were plaguing you

  • You feel fucking excited about all of the goodness that is coming your way

  • You know that all of your current needs are met, and anything else that comes into your life is a beautiful bonus


You realise this is entirely possible, right?


Realising potential in people, is my zone of genius. But you need to know that I can only do so much. I can give you all of the support, the love, the positive juju, the tools and the knowledge I have -- but I need you to put in the action. I will keep you accountable of course, but the rest is up to you. You get out what you put in, so please sweet thing only apply for this program if you are fully committed - both energetically and financially - to your growth. I realise this is a big commitment for many people, so I am more than happy to jump on a quick call with you to answer any questions you have.


Hear what clients are saying about working with Anna...

Program Outline

This 8 week immersive, transformational group coaching program is designed to make you take a look at each area of your life -- where you're currently at, where you want to be and what's in the way. That might sound really confronting, and for a lot of people it is; but let me promise you this -- that is where the growth is. We can't grow if we're not prepared to take our comfy pants off and streeetttttch. We will look at the following areas:


WEEK 1:  GOALS / DREAMS / LIMITATIONS | who am I? why am I here? how do I get there? It's perfectly okay if you don't know what these are, but you will for sure figure them out by the end of this program. Trust me. Consider this step creating a blueprint for your life and developing mindset hacks to squash limiting beliefs. If you don't know what you're trying to build, and you're building on shaky ground, how can you expect to build your dream house? This might be the ONE reason you're stuck, and it's a gamechanger...

By the end of this week you will:

  • have a good idea of where you are currently at in each area of your life

  • have mapped out your 3, 6 & 12 month goals, clarified your vision, and figured out some tangible next steps to start taking to get you there (plus, you’ll have the accountability of the group to keep you on track)

  • have identified what is in the way (spoiler alert: it’s always you), your limiting beliefs and stories

  • be super pumped, inspired and motivated about taking the next step towards your vision

NB: this isn’t all going to magically fall into place when you enrol in this program. Manifestation is great and super powerful, but you also have to take ACTION. So please only apply if you are ready and willing to do so. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to the efficacy of the group container I am creating.

WEEK 2:  CAREER & PURPOSE | we spend 1/3 of our lives at work so it makes sense that this is a key focus in the program. Whether you love or hate your job, it needs equal attention. Millennials in particular (those born between 1980-2000) are no longer driven by money and are chasing freedom and purpose instead, so this is what we'll be diving into this week. If you are one of the many humans who are yet to figure out what your purpose is, perfect, we'll get clear on that too. Remember, you're being supported by an entire community of people who are in the same boat as you—as well as a guide who has been through the absolute RINGER with this work. You’re not alone. The power really is in the community; so, take this opportunity now before you’re lying in bed at 75 thinking ‘fuck, I really should have invested more in myself and spent my life doing what I LOVE.’

By the end of this week you will:

  • have identified whether your current career path is suited to you

  • have unearthed what success and failure mean for you and how you can develop a powerful relationship with each

  • have a much clearer idea of your purpose in this life

  • have a clear roadmap of how to start stepping into your purpose with courage and full alignment


WEEK 3:  MONEY MINDSET & ABUNDANCE | hands up if you’re terrified of talking about money and you feel nauseous just looking at your bank account? I hear you! Money is a really, really taboo topic for a lot of people, but it shouldn’t be. Money is an incredible energetic resource that we get to circulate throughout the universe, and it all comes down to your patterning and your mindset. We’re going there!

By the end of this week you will:

  • have a very clear picture of your current money story and financial happiness, and where it all came from

  • take ownership of your money story and lose the fear around having abundance

  • learn how to become an ‘essentialist’ with your money and bust the habit of emotional shopping

  • be starting to positively shift your current financial position and mindset through pattern interrupting tools, visioning work and unblocking subconscious beliefs

  • develop a love affair with money and express it proudly

WEEK 4:  LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS | in week 4 we'll look at the key relationships in your life and determine whether they are effective for your highest growth or not. Whether they are growing you, or keeping you stuck. Why some people trigger you. You'll learn the power of language and how to ask for what you want and get it (while still staying true to your personality type and values). If you're seeking a romantic relationship it's a perfect opportunity to get crystal clear on what you're trying to call in, and whether your vibration, your energy, matches that (and how to fix it if it's not). You’ll learn about how to create an environment and boundaries that fully supports your constitution (extrovert, introvert etc)

By the end of this week you will:

  • have completed an audit of key relationships in your life - identifying whether they are fuelling or draining you (you'll also be well on your way to saying sayonara to that friend who is super low-vibe and always bringing you down)

  • have learnt how to attract high-vibin' friendships into your life

  • have learnt how to ask for what you want and set and renegotiate boundaries using effective language techniques (applies to work, home and friends)

  • have learnt about love languages and how to speak to your partner's listening so you can have a really healthy, harmonious partnership

  • have learnt how to let go of past hurts and childhood trauma (i.e. 'daddy issues') so you're not bringing them into new relationships


WEEK 5:  FOOD & NUTRITION | as an integrative health coach, a lot of my work is centred around the fundamentals of food and movement, so this topic really gets me jazzed up! In week 5 we will look at nourishment as a whole -- so everything that we are consuming -- from food, to supplements, TV, media, music and friendships. Basically everything within our immediate environment. I know it can be ridiculously confusing figuring out what to eat when there is so much information out there (much of it conflicting), so, we will work it out together so you can heal your relationship with food, forever. When we clean this area up in particular, everything else seems to start falling into place..

By the end of this week you will:

  • have a clear picture of what you should and shouldn't be eating, watching and listening to, for your specific constitution

  • have let go of body-shaming yourself and others, and started loving on your body when you look in the mirror (cos trust me, you'll be lookin' in the mirror!)

  • have a love-love relationship with food; you will be eating intuitively and will have released guilt and shame over consuming certain foods

  • have identified why/when you emotionally eat and what your cravings might be telling you

  • have some healthy new recipes to try out (including meal ideas to make for work)


WEEK 6:  MOVEMENT & PLAY | movement is one of the most fundamental pillars of health and happiness, but it’s usually the first thing to take a backseat when: we get sick, we don’t feel like it, it’s raining, we’re sad, etc etc etc. You know the story. There’s a reason for that, and a lot of it is tied up in self-sabotage and other sub-conscious patterning. Movement is the thing that keeps our energy moving; after-all, emotions are just ‘energy-in-motion’ which is why we meed to move our bodies to keep our emotions in check. Plus, the majority of us sit on our butts all day (after sitting on our butts in traffic for an hour), then come home from work and sit on the couch until bedtime. It’s no wonder we are more stressed, overweight and chronically ill than ever before. We’re not moving! If y’all follow me on Insta you’ll know I have a daily ‘dance around the lounge’ practice. There really is no excuse not to move, so you can probably guess what this week is all about.

By the end of this week you will:

  • have gotten really honest about how much movement (incidental and intentional) that you are actually doing (walking to the fridge does NOT count as exercise)

  • have built on that self-acceptance buzz from week 5, and starting to really move through life from a place of confidence and intentionality

  • have identified what exercise you actually, truly love (we will absolutely not be moving in a way you don’t wholeheartedly enjoy)

  • have developed a daily non-negotiable movement habit that is actually fun

  • have access to a whole bunch of resources that you can use to shape your new movement program

(Spoiler alert: this might be the funnest week of the whole program)

WEEK 7:  STRESS, ANXIETY & SELF-CARE | as as society we are 'busier' and more stressed than ever before and we downplay the importance of looking after ourselves first, for fear that it is seen as selfish. You will learn how crucial it is to practice daily self-care, develop your own self-lovin' routine (guys, this isn't just for the ladies either) and gain a toolkit for staying grounded amidst the stress. Self-care is so much more than face-masks and bath-bombs, and we'll uncover it in week 7. Caution - you will feel incredibly blissed out and centred this week and beyond.

By the end of this week you will:

  • have identified and mapped the key stressors in your life, including the trigger and response

  • have deeper sleep and more energy

  • have learnt about the metaphysical effects of stress and anxiety and how they show up in the body (i.e. financial worry showing up as lower back pain)

  • have developed a toolkit of stress reduction techniques including meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and earthing

  • be feeling emotionally and physically charged


WEEK 8:  INTEGRATION, EMBODIMENT & CELEBRATING YOU | you may have heard the saying that 'knowledge is power', but knowledge is only power if you TAKE ACTION with that knowledge. It would be remiss of me to teach you all of the things, if I wasn't going to teach you how to EMBODY them beyond this program...So in our final week together (hopefully not forever) you will become a living, breathing example of radical alignment and empowerment. Renewed life will shine out of your face like sunbeams. Your friends and family will be begging to know how they can get a piece of what you've got, and you'll grin and smugly tell them "I'm in alignment, babes. I choose me. All of my needs are met in this very moment. I'm going to go out and live a really big life, k bye."  

By the end of the 60 days you will:

  • have a crystal clear VISION of what you do and don't want in your life, and how to get it

  • have identified what's really important to you and set really clear GOALS and INTENTIONS to bring them into fruition

  • have developed a deep SENSE OF SELF and INNER RESILIENCE so you can weather life's storms with ease and grace (it doesn't stop getting stormy just cos you did some personal growth work yo..)

  • have started EMBODYING the work of self-realisation and self-love. You're a walking talking example of what it means to be in alignment

  • be RADIATING with love and positivity and eager to get out there and start making shit happen

  • have a kickass COMMUNITY of conscious peeps around you to support you in your vision and cheer you on along the way

  • only CHOOSE things that you really want to say yes to. You'll start finding it realllly easy to just say no without apologising.

  • have ABUNDANCE all around you; things flow to you easily - money, new friendships, romance, career opportunities, an empty car space at the mall, extra avocado (this it the #1 thing that living in alignment activates)

  • have more ENERGY than you know what to do with (after all, your low energy is just a sign of a 'kinked hose' i.e. a misalignment; to coin a Peta Kelly term.)

NB: after program completion you will have a further 4 weeks of complimentary email or messenger access to me, if you need ongoing support or any prickly scenarios arise that you'd like my advice on.

this program is self-study, so you sign up & access the content right away, completing it at your own pace. You are 150 fucking percent worth it and the time is now.

Life is too short to be hanging out with dicks.

Life is too short to be hanging out with dicks.




  • You got me, girl, I need this. I'm ready. How do I sign up?

Fab. I like you already. Click here.


  • This program is exactly what I need but I'm not sure if I can afford it right now. Help?

Growth is not supposed to be comfortable (hence why they are called growing pains), but my question is - how committed are you to your highest growth? If you are 100% in, you'll find a way out of no way. Your growth is an investment, not an expense, and you probably wouldn't think twice about 'investing' in a new pair of shoes or a night out on the town, right? Payment plans are available, so send me an email if this is you. I won’t accept people into this program who aren’t fully ready to invest and commit as it’s not fair on the rest of the container.


  • How many people will be in the coaching program?

As it’s self-study, it’s unlimited.


  • Is the program open to men and women?

Both, but probably more geared towards women.


  • If I didn't benefit from the program, do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you don't feel that you got what you wanted from the program, but can show that you showed up to each week's call, and completed all worksheets, you are entitled to a refund less 10% admin fee, within 5 days completion of the program date.


  • I don't live in NZ, can I still participate in the program?

Sure can. The entire program can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.


  • Is there an option to have 1-1 calls as well as the program?

Yes. If you feel you'd like more 1-1 support throughout the program, then book the VIP package which includes 4 x 45 min 1-1 calls with me, which can be booked at anytime from purchase date to 6 weeks after completion date of the program.

  • I have another question that hasn't been answered

Cool, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer or jump on a quick call with you


What’s Included

8 x video modules

Your weekly coursework will be delivered to your inbox through 45-60 minute (semi-professional, LOL!) video classes. Here Anna will detail and dive deep into the topics and principles of each module. The classes will include tools and insights, as well as practical applications of the course material as your homework.

8 x WORK/play BOOKS

Practical application is a massive part of transformation. I mean, you can read and listen to all of the things, but until you actually apply them to your own life, consistently, growth can’t happen. Each week you’ll receive a new workbook to download and complete alongside the video module.

(Pro-tip: this is where an accountability buddy comes in handy so you can make sure you’re staying on track with the modules and homework!)

4 x 1-1 laser coaching SESSIONS with annA (VIP package only)

You will deepen your learning and growth by having 4 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Anna, either in person (Auckland) or online.

a facebook community to hold hands (and cry) with

You will have a private Facebook support group exclusively for this program cohort so you can jam out on all of the coursework with each other. I’ll also be jumping in the group every few days to make announcements, give shout-outs to people who are playing full-out, and share bits and pieces with you. #instanttribe


Each week you’ll receive worksheets, actions, homework, meditations and stretch challenges to deepen the learning. You’re welcome. Plus, more resources, book and podcast recommendations than you know what to do with, so you can continue on your journey after program completion.

continued support after the program

You have unlimited email/messenger access to me throughout the program and 4 weeks of complimentary email or messenger access to me after program completion in case the wheels start falling off. Plus, you will have an emergency call which you can schedule at any time during this period. I strongly encourage having an accountability buddy in the program.

There’s no way in hell that you won’t achieve massive breakthroughs in this course if you’re willing.


I know what you might be thinking...

I can't spend that much on myself...

I'm not worth that much...

I have other priorities this month...

"fill in the blank of whatever other self-worth vs money story you have"


I've said it before and I'll say it til my dying days -- your health and happiness is an investment, not an expense. And it might just be the best investment you ever make. Take it from someone who has spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and personal development this past year. And PS, I just invested $15,000 in a coach this month because that is how much I believe in this work.

You buy something from the $2 shop, you get $2 of quality and value and it probably doesn't last long. There's unsustainable labour involved and cheap materials. It's the same with service-based businesses. This is why my programs are priced the way they are; because it shows your level of financial commitment. The investment needs to be a stretch, so YOU commit to stretching.... After all - how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are constantly trying to cut corners, get a discount, and scrimp - that's what you'll get back in reciprocity. I recognise that we are all in different financial positions (we'll talk about abundance and prosperity in week 2 of the program, don'tcha worry) so payment plans are available on request.


please please please only apply for this program if you are 150% committed to living a really big, fun life and going all in. you owe it to the group and to yourself.


Final Words

Pain is a given; suffering is optional. If you are experiencing pain, suffering, confusion, fear or anxiety in any area of your life then please please please do something about it. My biggest wish for my humanity - and I mean this with every fibre of my being - is that everyone has access to the tools that I have developed, to harness their mindset to experience unlimited amounts of happiness, joy, love and harmony in their lives. I know that this probably sounds illustrious and unattainable to some, but BELIEVE ME IT'S NOT. I had the shittiest mindset for so long - and now my life is f*cking perfect. I don't mean that everything goes perfectly, but I see everything as a lesson, a growth opportunity, or working FOR me (not against me). You can too. I am so committed to your growth, to ending your suffering, so please meet me there and invest in yourself. You won't believe the magic that will unfold when you say yes.

ANNA xo.