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If you’re ready to forgo your old life, patterns and habits for new ones, transformational coaching might be just the thing you need. Coaching isn’t about fixing what is broken; it’s about gaining insight and understanding into why you make the choices you do in your life, and transforming those behaviours so you can live your best life (for life!). As a holistic health coach, I look at emotional health first and foremost, which draws a bigger picture of your physical health.

When you say yes to coaching, you have your own personal cheerleader to help you navigate life's obstacles and a toolkit of resources at your disposal to draw from so you can handle whatever life throws at you. As your coach, I help you see the blindspots that you mightn’t see yourself, and help you shift your mindset so that you make more healthy choices in life and love. As an IIN-trained Integrative Health Coach, I don’t just look at your relationship with food and exercise; I also look at your relationships, career, money and everything else that makes up your bigger picture so that we can bring them into alignment with your true, authentic self.

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Is coaching with me right for you?

My philosophy with coaching is to have as much fun as possible, but to be firm when I need to be. I’m a coach for the everyday gal who is sick of playing small. A lot of my clients become close friends, because I am totally and utterly committed to their happiness from day one. I choose to only work with clients who are 100% committed to their growth and transformation. Anything less than that isn’t fun for me, and it certainly won’t get you what you desire, so please ensure you’re ready and willing to go all in. Coaching is a mutually agreed partnership, and it might be that I’m not the right person to work with you. If that’s the case I’ll do my best to guide you to the right person or resources.

Pre-program information

All clients complete the application process below. I am looking for women who are ready and willing to do the work, and to sometimes get uncomfortable in the process (whilst also having a lot of fun, A-HA’s, and breakthroughs.)

I only work with up to 6 one-on-one clients at a time in order to give you customised, dedicated support.

How it works

  • Submit the application below.

  • I will be in touch to schedule an introductory call.

  • Choose amongst the program options.

  • Coaching will commence once first invoice is processed. Payment options are available.

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