The natural deodorant you should know about

I'm officially coining 2017 the year of my conscious rebirth. Not only was it the year I decided to designate my immediate orbit a fuckboy free zone, but it was when I woke up and took a good hard look at what I was putting in and on my body; cosmetically not romantically speaking (although that has also had deep consideration). More on that later, perhaps. 

No doubt if we've hung out lately, I've questioned you on which deodorant you use. Hopefully it makes sense now. 

I remember reading an article at the start of the year about deodorant and the molotov cocktail of chemicals most mainstream brands contained. I was quietly shocked. What shocked me more was how I'd spent a good 17 years or so voting for these chemicals with my dollar, without a moments thought. I was a Nivea girl, for the most part. I dabbled with Mitchum as I pushed past thirty as that's what friends and family used. In my teens, I remember mum making a stand by switching to an aluminium-free product by Avon. I couldn't get past the dead boring packaging. It really got me thinking about how many decisions I was making in my life on default, due to historical and social programming. How many of us bought the same brands as our mum or our friends? Or bought the latest product from a corporation with a hefty marketing budget that promised to make you smell like baby powder -- at what expense, though?

The scary truth is that the word “Natural” can be used by a manufacturer if only 10% of the substance is natural. "Nontoxic" can mean that the product is still tested on animals. Be a conscious consumer and check the ingredients in everything you use. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs almost everything we put on it. Mainstream deodorants and other skincare products are laden with chemicals that create toxic effects in our body and disrupt our hormones. I don't know about you guys but my hormones need as little disruption as possible if that's okay. 

Truth is, information will be presented to us when we're ready for it, and this article had appeared at the start of pinnacle turning point for me which I've described in a previous post; when I made a conscious decision to make way more conscious decisions. That day I went out and purchased the only natural deodorant I could find in my supermarket - one made from tea tree oil. Turns out I hate the scent of tea tree, and it stung my armpits for a few weeks while I stoically continued to use it. I began to research different natural alternatives, and the reviews were almost unanimously pointing to Black Chicken Remedies Axila deodorant paste. I knew I'd found the one and ordered it immediately. The lack of availability in local stores only added to the allure of this wonder product.

The deodorant is a paste which comes in a tub. Some people might feel weird about that, but remember, you've been conditioned from puberty to apply something in a bottle... you'll be ok if you switch it up, I promise. Plus, our lymph nodes are really important, hardworking organs that never get any love (how often have you had your armpits massaged?) so I have now added the application to my ever-growing self care routine and I love it. You just scoop a pea-sized amount on the back of your fingernail, split into two balls, apply, then sit back and feel like the queen that you now are.

It's made from shea butter, coconut oil, camellia tea oil, baking soda, arrowroot, kaolin clay, vitamin-e oil, vegetable glycerin and essential oils of peppermint, cajaput (new to me, but sounds fancy!), mandarin, clove, rose geranium, lime, lavender and cedarwood. It is made in Australia, 100% vegan, cruelty free, sls free, paraben free, petroleum free and aluminium free. And it seriously works. There are people who just don't get b.o and - while I'm really thrilled for them - I am not one. I do Bikram yoga, and I go on the occasional tinder date, and this deodorant lasts the duration. Also, it still allows you to sweat, which is what you want (we eliminate waste in our sweat). 

Black Chicken was my gateway drug. High on virtuosity, I made a commitment to myself to transition all of my skincare and make-up to natural alternatives over the coming year. From a cost perspective, I chose to use all of my existing products up first, but when it came time to I switched my mainstream toothpaste to a natural one; immediately my lips were less chapped. I then switched to organic tampons. That ones a personal decision and personally, I don't enjoy the thought of pesticides near my baby maker because one day one of those tinder dates is going to work out and I need my baby to be pesticide free. Then coconut oil and other natural oils as body moisturiser. Ditched the paw paw ointment in the red tube that is loaded with petroleum and found a natural alternative by Suvana which I'm now obsessed with. I'm slowly replacing all of my makeup and enjoying discovering new, lesser known brands. 

I will be sharing all of my favourite products and their cheaper alternatives with you in a later post. I'm still trialling different brands and it has become quite the fun hobby of mine. I love that my friends have started reaching out to me for my recommendations, and have started transitioning their products too. Skincare plays a huge role in my self-care routine, and I love that I am supporting smaller, local companies that don't have huge marketing budgets. They all have a really beautiful story behind the brands and I look forward to sharing more about them with you later down the track. 

Let me know in the comments below of your favourite natural skincare and makeup brands!

AND... if you'd like to check out the Black Chicken range including the amazeballs deodorant, click here. 

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Click the image to purchase