Why I'm not drinking for the rest of 2017


A week ago it was the mid-winter party for the media agency I work for. It's an event I put together each year, and is a great chance to celebrate the achievements of the half-year, and toast to the year ahead - over free-flowing alcohol and white, deep fried food. Not exactly the diet of an aspiring holistic health coach, but alas, balance and all that.

Being the controlled drinker that I am, I stuck to my limit of 4 wines; potentially 5; who was counting? I was the consummate party-goer; I ate, I danced, I drunk water, I took my coconut charcoal before bed but the next day - I felt like pure death. I had a funeral to go to in the afternoon (sadly, one of my besties' Mums passed away following a battle with cancer) and had to extricate myself part-way through the service as I thought I was going to spew. On top of the nausea, I felt so ashamed with myself that I didn't get to pay my proper respects to my friends' Mum, that I declared - on Instagram stories, where the most poignant declarations of millennials happen - that I wasn't drinking for the rest of 2017.

And so here we are; (well, here I am, because it's Saturday night and most people my age are probably painting the tiles), sitting on my couch sipping licorice tea and wondering whether I can possibly sustain this commitment I've made without caving. 

If you know me in real life, you'll know that I'm a very modest drinker (at best), but I still think that this will test me, particularly with summer celebrations around the corner. Working in the media industry, there's no shortage of event invites, but I feel like sobriety is a lot more mainstream now; like being gluten free, or vegan. So, I'm really doing this. 

Not only will I be able to maximise my weekends without the brain fog, anxiety and poor decisions that always come from drinking alcohol, but I'm excited to see what other lifestyle changes this will ignite. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends who don't drink, and I'm grateful that I've learnt to connect with people without needing alcohol to loosen up.

On my weekends, I love nothing more than waking up feeling fresh and heading out to the Waitakeres or Muriwai for a hike. And that is so much more accessible when you're not hungover, right!? 

So, if you are keen to join me and other like minded peeps in some sober weekend activities this spring and summer, join my Facebook group, Secret Wellness Society, where I post upcoming events and meet-ups in the Auckland area. Thirteen of us had our first hike meet-up a few weeks back at Goldies Bush and it was a hell of a lot of fun.