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Why I Finally Quit My Corporate Job

I finally did it. I quit my job. Two months ago.

I’ve delayed shouting it from the rooftops because I’ve been going through my internal process, and to be honest, for the past few weeks I haven’t really felt like being vocal. I find it really easy to write about the uncomfortable stuff, but when I’m really happy and things are going great I find it much harder. Call it tall poppy syndrome or reverse narcissism or whatever you like -- it's odd.

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A for Anxiety

A couple of weeks ago I shared on Instagram that the wheels had well and truly fallen off. I was feeling anxious, depleted, lacking motivation and all kinds of emotional. If you didn’t catch it or you've always wondered what I look like when I cry, here it is.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks quietly trying to make sense of what this lingering feeling means. Because, that’s what we do in the personal development space; we can’t just let feelings exist without rigorous curiosity. And the more I talk to women around me I’m discovering I’m not alone. I can reflect on it now because I feel like I'm coming out the other side.

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Are you getting in your own way?

To some extent or another, unless you've reached enlightenment you are no doubt getting in your own way in some area - or multiple areas - of your life. That might look like: not stepping into your purpose, not achieving your health and fitness goals, not attracting a loving partner, not cultivating new friendships and not elevating your career. This happens because we are stuck in our heads and not leading with our hearts, or, as in a lot of cases, if we're trying to live another persons version of our ideal life.

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What I've learnt about fear

Yesterday I went to a yoga class at the newly opened Rise HYP studio with my girlfriend Carly and I cried at the end of class. It was the cutest and weirdest thing because I'm not really a crier and I wasn't even premenstrual, but it happened and it was lovely, and all just part of this whole softening into the feminine malarkey that I'm navigating. It wasn't a full ugly cry like you might see from Carrie on Homeland, but there were real tears.

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