Goals & Vision for 2019


I can already feel that this year is going to be BIG. 2018 was a heavy year for a lot of people. But for me, it was equally exciting as it was challenging. I left my corporate job and launched my business. I ran two retreats in Bali, and one in NZ. And I grew so much as a person through different adversities that really stretched me to reconsider what was really important.

But what is a new year without setting some goals? I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions, as they seem so loaded in expectation, and there’s a timeliness to them that doesn’t sit well with me. But I am a fan of setting intentions and goals for a new year. Some people set these at the start of a new year, and others set them on their birthday, so as it was my birthday earlier this month (Feb 3rd!), I’m choosing the latter. After all, every year we are essentially reborn :)

My personal goals:

  1. Have a consistent morning routine of movement, meditation and play. I’ve started making play a non-negotiable part of my daily routine, cuddling my dogs in bed every morning before I go about my day, and it has seriously changed the way I feel. They say that pets increase our oxytocin (happiness hormone) levels and I back that 100%. I try and meditate most mornings for 10-20 minutes and switch it up using different meditations on Insight Timer, or just binaural beats on YouTube.

  2. Continue to reinforce my boundaries. Due to the line of work I’m in I am often the go-to person for advice for when my friends are going through hard times. But there’s times when I need to lock myself away and energetically I have nothing left to give, so I have started honouring my time and energy by saying ‘no’ or ‘not right now’ if I need to be alone. I think instinctively we have a fear that the other person is going to hate us if we say no, but this fear is often unfounded.

  3. Only drink clean water. This is something I started doing mid-way through last year after reading about how harmful tap water is. Even water that is filtered through a water jug doesn’t have all of the impurities removed. One of the biggest things I learnt was that fluoride in water (and toothpaste) calcifies our pineal gland (aka ‘third eye’) which inhibits our intuition and can affect sleeping, stress levels etc. Plus water is full of toxins, heavy metals, and toilet paper traces - ew! I buy a 10 litre box of Living Water from my local supermarket for $7 which lasts a week.

  4. Make daily movement a priority. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know that F45 was my 2018 fitness obsession. Ever since being diagnosed with anxiety in 2017, I avoided high intensity exercise as I thought it would further deplete my adrenals, but it’s been the best! I always have the best, most creative and energised day when I start with an F45 session.

  5. Prioritise self-love. Until I began working with my coach in 2018, I wasn’t really clear on what self-love was. Like, really was. And now, it’s probably the thing that has been most instrumental in my growth, in overcoming recent challenges, and reducing my anxiety to almost non-existent. For me, it’s regularly looking at myself in the mirror. Saying kind things to myself out loud. Praising myself. Looking at my body in the mirror and loving every part of it. Saying no to things I don’t want to do. Resting when I need to. Taking extra care in my beauty routine. Oil massages. Baths. And honouring my emotions as an essential part of my human experience.

  6. Read for enjoyment, not for achievement. 90% of the books I read are non-fiction self-help books, and last year I found myself just trying to finish the book without actually absorbing the words and implementing the learnings. There’s no point learning anything if we don’t apply it.

  7. Welcome love in (in all forms!). I truly believe in there being right timing for everything, so I regularly remind the universe that I’m ready and open to inviting love in when the timing is right. Behind the scenes I’ve been working a lot on believing I’m worthy of deep love, and feeling whole and complete on my own, already. (No man/woman can ever complete us!)


My professional goals

  1. Launch my podcast and have 1000 downloads by January 1, 2020. You guys, I am so excited about this project but I don’t want to rush it.. So it will happen when it happens. I’m currently learning the ins and outs of podcasting, I’ve purchased the equipment and I’m lining up interviews. I will be spending a lot of my upcoming Bali trip on the podcast.

  2. Send a weekly newsletter, every week. I slipped off this a little bit last year as sometimes I was so deeply in my own head that I didn’t want to share what was going on for me, but I’m going to commit to sharing even when I don’t want to. Thank you for the sweet messages of encouragement.

  3. Do more work with schools and youth. This month I had the privilege of teaching six Year 6 classes at Diocesan School For Girls (my former school) and it was an absolute career highlight. I taught about emotions, friendships, mindfulness, meditation, vulnerability and it was so beautiful. I am so so happy that this is what schools are teaching now. I’m pretty sure I was a teacher in a past life!

  4. Launch at least 4 more online programs. I recognise that not everyone can invest in 1:1 coaching, so I am going to launch more online programs this year that can be taken from anywhere in the world. Topics I am planning on launching are: love & relationships (healing from heartbreak), stress & anxiety, finding your purpose, annnnnndddd you might need to help me with the fourth one? Comment at the bottom. I have also been approached to run some school holiday programs for girls, so stay tuned!

  5. Launch a corporate wellness program. Last year I loved speaking at Huffer and FCB Media about stress and anxiety in the workplace for Mental Health Awareness week. This year I would love to roll out corporate wellness programs with larger organisations encompassing physical and emotional health. I believe that companies need to have something in place in order to nurture their employees and this will become mainstream.

  6. More live events. Nothing beats connecting with people in real life, and I am absolutely going to be launching some live events and half-day workshops this year. Would love to travel around NZ and share this work too..

I think that’s probably a good start for this year. My intention this year is not to bite off more than I can chew (which I have a habit of!) and to intuitively follow what feels right at all times. I would love to hear what your goals are for 2019 so share them below! xo

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