I Saw A Vedic Astrologer And Here's What He Told Me


I woke up yesterday with a cold which is not the best fun, but makes sense given the change of climes. I’m in Ubud now which is super damp and rainy. I changed hotels as I was so unhappy with my first choice, and cannot begin to tell you how much better that feels. Life is too short to put up with shit sex, food or hotels. And given that I’m here to do work—blog, create programs, content etc, I need somewhere that inspires creativity, not stifles it. I shared a post on my Instagram yesterday about the importance of showing up as your highest self. Because when we do that, the Universe has no option but to match us.

In the afternoon I took myself for a massage, scrub and flower petal bath at Tjampuhan Spa which was an absolute relaxation station, with the sweetest lady Siti looking after me. It was the perfect thing to do the day before my period when I was feeling hormonal and very unsocial. (Let’s face it, I’m here alone, so it’s hardly a time to be social, anyway.)

Before I left for Bali, my good friend and hypnotherapist Faye told me about this Vedic astrologer, Ashish, who she had recently been to see in Ubud, and said that everything he'd said was eerily spot on - about her family, finances, living situation, health - all of it. So naturally I got his details and booked in.

Truth be told, it was not easy getting an appointment. Ashish looked at his astrological chart and decided that he needed to go to India, and he thought he was going to be away while I was in town but somehow the stars aligned and we were able to meet. Finding Ashish’s shala was another adventure in itself but thankfully a scooter taxi knew where I needed to go and got me there. (I categorically would not have gotten there on my own, given my inability to read maps.)

Before the session, Ashish requested my birth date, time and location so he could start preparing my chart. That was the extent of the information he had on me, yet he very clearly knew what my life purpose was, my personality traits, my family dynamics, relationship status—down to the letter.



What is Vedic Astrology?

You’re probably somewhat familiar with traditional, Western/Tropical Astrology, but Vedic Astrology - an ancient spiritual system first practiced by the Hindus some 5,000-8,000 years ago - lays on entirely different foundations. Where Western Astrology bases itself on the sun, the Vedic system uses the stars. It’s all about houses and planets.

How does it work?

Based on your birth date, time and location you have a moon sign (mine is Aquarius, same as my sun sign), and a rising sign (mine is Gemini in Vedic system but Cancer in Western.) The location of the planets and stars at the time of your birth tells a lot about your life path and tendencies.

The session

Ashish has already prepared a scribbled chart before you arrive, and explains to you what Vedic astrology is, what each of the houses represent, and a brief outline of how the system works. He then spends an hour talking you through his findings and making gentle suggestions about how to use the information. I did record the session so I could listen back to it at a later date. Ashish provides A LOT of information, and only some of it is scribbled on his (mostly illegible) notes which he gingerly offers for you to take home. All in all it was incredibly accurate and life-affirming experience for me and I highly recommend it. There was nothing that I disagreed with in the slightest. At the end of the session, Ashish offers practical remedial measures to alleviate areas of difficulty, giving you the confidence to manifest your true destiny and create success, happiness, and harmony on all levels.


Here were the key takeaways:


  • I’m prone to ‘angryness’ and rebellion. Yup

  • I have a great connection with foreigners

  • I’m wired for healing and helping

  • I can’t be put inside a box

  • I have a natural sense of rhythm and dance. Absolutely do


  • I always have a big plan and an active mind

  • Because I have Gemini in my career house, it means that I prefer duality. So I’ll always thrive on lots of change and not doing one thing.

  • Would benefit from mixing an admin (law, management, HR, PA) role with a healing (yoga, meditation, food, health coach) role. Which is spookily accurate given that for the past few months I’ve had a contract HR role alongside my coaching business, and I feel I’ll always (willingly) have a toe in the corporate world somehow.

  • To promote my business I should use writing, travel & tourism. events/retreats, speaking, journalism and marketing.


  • I’m prone to “tummy stuff”. Makes sense.

  • I’m prone to skin allergies.. I’m actually not, but I did break out in a head to toe rash when I was 15 which kept me home from school for a few days.


  • According to my charts, my love life is a bit of a shit show. I definitely didn’t need an astrologer to validate that, but for some strange reason it felt reassuring.

  • I’ll be safe to welcome in love in November 2019. Before that, I shouldn’t open my heart.

  • I should pursue someone from a different country or culture.

Fortune & wealth

  • There’s a great deal of luck, fortune and wealth in my charts. Huzzah!


  • I don’t have a close relationship with my brother. This is mostly true.

  • I probably shouldn’t live too close to my mother. (Lol, we’ve lived together for the past year)

  • My relationship with my Dad should be rocky (it definitely has been in the past) and I should treat him with more kindness.


  • He can see a boy and a girl, and once I start a family my luck and fortune will only increase

  • I need to be ready before I have children. If I fall pregnant before being ready I risk miscarriage given that there’s Mercury in that house.

Living situation

  • I could live in a city starting with the letters V, B, W, F, J, L, A, in the North West direction of Auckland, New Zealand. Hmmmm, Bali is definitely in there.

So that’s it. If you want some clear guidance on your life path, I absolutely recommend seeking out a Vedic astrologer, or if you happen to be in Ubud, booking in a reading with Ashish. It costs $100USD and is well worth the money for the effort he goes to drawing up your chart. His Whatsapp number to make a booking is +62 822 3665 1836.