MONDAY PEP TALK | White Space: The Magic Of Just Being

Photo by  Greg Kantra  on  Unsplash

Photo by Greg Kantra on Unsplash

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'White space' is a term commonly used in graphic design to describe the space given between creative objects to 'let them breathe' essentially. There's nothing worse than looking at a cluttered website, and there's nothing more unhelpful and unproductive than a cluttered mind. So the term white space is being used a lot in my world and I use it with my clients to describe periods of time where you have nothing in your calendar where you can just BE. After all, we are human BEINGS rather than human DOINGS.

It's also really important to note the importance of your environment. Your usual environment - house, car, workplace - has memories or triggers imprinted in it that can evoke a feeling of stuckness or lethargy every time we are in that same environment. I lived overseas for 8 years and every time I would come home to NZ, it would feel like this enormous cloud was hanging over me. I felt exhausted and heavy, because my body was recognising the imprints of who I was when I used to live here, and my soul was craving change; newness. NZ felt too familiar, and it jaded me. 

So if you're trying to feel creative, or anchor in any kind of personal transformation - switch your state and switch your location. For those who aren't at the liberty to just hop on a plane and get off to Bali - go away somewhere for a weekend. Spend a couple of hours on a Saturday in a new coffee shop in a new part of town. Wear something you wouldn't normally. Drive a different route to work. Get a haircut. Our souls crave change, but our ego instils routine. 

Two of my clients this week have told me how incredible they feel after going away for the weekend / going overseas. They've had renewed awareness, a deeper appreciation for themselves and a deeper recognition of where they're headed. 

What does white space look like?

  • White space is breathing room

  • It's intentional time in your calendar where you schedule nothing (except you actually do need to schedule 'nothing' so some other fucker doesn't book over it). This is especially important if you work a 9-5. Give yourself 20 minutes when you get home from work to go out for a walk, sit on the couch with a cup of tea, or lie on a shakti mat to switch off from the working day. Just see where your mind wants to go

  • It means setting boundaries with people by communicating to them that "I'm doing nothing this weekend" actually means "I'm doing NOTHING this weekend"

  • It means honouring that white space and not letting your ego convince you that you're being lazy or unproductive with that down time

  • Going tech free for a good chunk of time. No music, podcasts, laptop, phone, TV. Anything that stimulates the brain gets shut down during this period of white space

Why is white space important?

Cluttered desk = cluttered mind. Cluttered calendar = cluttered mind.

Whether you have a spiritual belief or not, you'll know that there's a force out there that tries to communicate to us / through us. Whether you call it intuition, source, God, spirit, downloads, buddha, angels - it doesn't matter. These messages can only come to us when we create space and silence for them to be heard. They are not mind-readers! 

The majority of my clients come to me with their intuition offline. We live in a world where we're at the beck and call of everyone else's demands, that we neglect our own. We signal to our body that its messages are not important, and so gradually they switch off. Many people also have this idea that busy = successful and not busy = lazy. They're often afraid to be with their thoughts because they're scared of what might come up. White space allows us to turn this intuition back online, and to create a deeper sense of connection to ourselves. #disconnecttoreconnect!

Anna, how do you use white space?

  • I have certain days of the week where I don't schedule clients (Sundays + Mondays). I do this so I can have a break from giving and fill my own cup up. This allows me to show up as a better coach to my clients, and a better human all-round.

  • I allow white space before and after seeing clients so I can decompress. My human design type does not allow me to be a back-to-back type gal.

  • Often I'll go for a walk or drive with no music or podcast playing. The silence gives my spirit guides a chance to connect with me and for me to receive 'downloads'. And for my mind to just wander...

  • When I go on holiday I have a lot of time where I don't schedule anything and I just allow my intuition to guide me to what I feel like doing moment to moment

  • Showers are a time when I get a lot of downloads and ideas, so I make my shower time really present, rather than thinking about my to do list

  • Meditation gives me time to turn inwards and connect with my needs and desires

There's a hell of a lot of magic that happens in the space between doing and being. Many of us just aren't taking advantage of it.

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Love ya,
x, Anna

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