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We all want more money in our lives, right? But are you putting conscious practices in place to become a magnet for more money, or are you simply settling for the amount in your payslip each month?

Are you giving in order to receive? 

Are you treating money as an energetic exchange of value?

Money alone will not always bring you what you want, but abundance will give you the tools to keep creating more of whatever it is you decide you want. It's a tool to keep generating more of whatever makes YOU feel abundant.

Abundance just feels sexy.

What is Radical Abundance?

Attracting money alone isn’t going to be beneficial and sustainable if you haven’t created the ability within yourself to attract more of it. I call it the radical abundance factor. That's what this is all about; abundance is an energy rather than a skill or luck. And it doesn't "just happen to lucky people"; true abundance is generated by smart people (like you). It's not a matter of having it or not, it's about generating it (or not).

When you’re more abundant in your life, you’re more creative, it enhances your sexuality and your ability to generate wealth. And we all want more of those things! You become a magnet for more reasons to feel abundant, whether financially or in friendships, romantic connections and other prosperity.

What gets in the way of generating abundance?

We are children of parents and grandparents who lived during post-war times when money was not in abundant supply. Food was rationed. Clothes were hand-me-downs. Families were single-income. So our parents were raised with a scarcity mindset when it comes to money, food and job security. On many levels we have also adopted that mindset, and it's our job now to shift that mentality--because we live in an age now where there is sooooo much opportunity, particularly for women where there wasn't before.

Women are literally powerhouses of untapped abundant potential.

We're taught to "go to uni, get a degree so you can get a good job so you can earn a secure income so you'll never have to worry." 

"Don't even think about starting your own business or pursuing your passions because there's no money in that."

There's also a level of societal scaremongering in terms of the recession, economic downturn and all of that other propaganda that doesn't truly have much of an impact on our ability to be abundant.

Finally, there's a stigma around wealthy people that they are greedy or show-offs. Have a think about what conditioning you have heard or bought into when it comes to money and wealth. 

Anna, where in your life have you seen abundance in play?

Since starting my own business in April 2018, I have had quite an interesting journey with money and abundance, and my abundance has really grown at the level in which I'm willing to get uncomfortable. And to the level at which I will trust and surrender.

When I was living in Sydney earning $100k a year and living a life that was completely out of integrity, I was miserable and always struggling for money (and my relationships, health and self-esteem were shit-house).

Bottom line, I have SO MUCH TRUST in the value that I am putting out into the world. So long as I keep showing up authentically and doing something I love that is in alignment with every part of my being--the abundance is there.

Some highlights:

  • I created a 2019 abundance plan earlier this year, detailing the different revenue streams in my business, and I wrote that I wanted to generate money from my blog. TWO DAYS LATER, I received an email out of nowhere from a marketing company offering to pay me $$ for one of my blog posts.

  • Money showing up in unexpected ways in the form of tax refunds, unexpected discounts, affiliate bonuses, a partnership agreement with the Bali boy (remember him?!) which brought me a recent unexpected windfall.

This month I've had the most abundant month I've ever had in my business, and I know this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't cleared allllllll of the shit from my life that was blocking me from being able to receive.

How can I begin to feel more abundant?

Firstly, watch the radical abundance masterclass replay which I have linked below. Take notes and commit to taking action.

Here are a few tools to get you started.

Books I recommend:

Tips to feel more abundant:

  • Have a nice 'home' for your money - clear out the receipts, cards you don't use, expired first aid certificates

  • Pay your bills on time (or early) rather than begrudgingly

  • Pay your bills (or for anything) with gratitude, knowing that you are helping to circulate money, so it will come back to you

  • Give to receive (small donations, tips, shouting someone coffee etc)

  • Notice the abundance you already have in your life

  • Here are some exercises from Creating Money that you can try

Simple money managing tips:

  • Get educated. Read books. Take courses. Listen to podcasts (James Altucher is great)

  • Live off 60% of your income. Barefoot Investor: 60% Daily expenses, 10% splurge, 10% smile (holiday, marriage), 20% fire extinguisher (mortgage, home deposit, credit card debt). View more here.

  • Increase earnings. Ask for a pay rise (make sure you prepare first, so you go into the meeting worthy of the pay rise), side hustle, investment, stocks.

  • Reduce costs. Phone plan, rent, eating out, Netflix. Move back in with yo mama. Find a cheaper hairdresser who works from home.

  • Services swap. Can someone do your hair in exchange for you watching their kids or supplying a service that you provide? We live in a sharing economy.

  • Notice how you spend. Is it emotional? Get to the root of those emotions rather than numbing them with spending.

And of course, you all know that I've been harping on about my Radical Blueprint mastermind program, and I will keep doing so because it is seriously that good. If even a small part of you feels like this is something you want in your life (because you know you're worthy of having it all), I'm inviting you to apply (takes 2 mins). You've already seen what I'm about and how I teach (and how much fun I have along the way), so if you want more of that in your life, you know what to do.

Want more?

Watch this: My radical abundance masterclass replay. (You're welcome!)

Here are some journalling prompts you can try:

  • The story I'm telling myself about money is....

  • Growing up, my parents would say that money is....

  • I feel most abundant when....

  • I want to generate more abundance so I can.... (be, do, feel or have)

Go and get yourself some abundance this week you powerful little unicorn. You deserve it.

Love ya,
x, Anna

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