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Simple Tips to Manage Overwhelm At Work

For Mental Health Awareness Week last week I was invited to speak at Huffer and FCB Media about managing stress and anxiety in the workplace. Speaking from experience, as someone who had to navigate the turbulent seas of dealing with a mental illness in the workplace (without wanting to tell anyone) and trying to stay afloat as executive assistant to the CEO of a busy media agency, here are the top tips I shared.

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The conscious gals guide to dealing with heartbreak

Firstly, a boat load of gratitude to all of you who liked my first blog post on why I decided to become a health coach. I received so many messages and emails from people who read it, resonated and confided in me the struggles they were facing in their own personal lives. This was a really beautiful but unexpected response. I guess what I've learnt in this past week is that honesty and openness is a really rewarding by-product of vulnerability. And, that some people are just waiting for a permission slip to open up. 

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