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Considering transitioning to toxin-free skincare and makeup? Here's how.

Up until recently, I never gave much consideration to what products I was using on my face or body. I used whatever had a stable endorsement, good packaging and - in later years - looked fancy in an instagram flat-lay. But this year, the pinnacle point of my whole conscious journey, I was awakened to the fact that I needed to have more intention in the products I was using in order to align with my evolving values.

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The natural deodorant you should know about

I'm officially coining 2017 the year of my conscious rebirth. Not only was it the year I decided to designate my immediate orbit a fuckboy free zone, but it was when I woke up and took a good hard look at what I was putting in and on my body; cosmetically not romantically speaking (although that has also had deep consideration). More on that later, perhaps. 

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