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MONDAY PEP TALK | The illusion of PERFECTIONISM & how it isn't actually serving you

Perfectionism is a pattern - a form of self-sabotage - that effectively sets you up for failure. This quest to have 'everything perfect' is both an avoidance technique - "I can't start til I'm 100% ready" and a way to beat yourself up for not getting things 'perfect'. Why? Because the goal posts keep shifting relative to where your self-worth is currently at. It's a fallacy. Low self-worth = even more reason to strive for perfection.

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MONDAY PEP TALK | How to know when it's time to hit the RESET button on life

You may be in total denial (like me) that we only have 3 months left of 2019. Crazy! How has this year gone for you? How are you feeling in your body? How are your relationships? Do you enjoy the career you're in? Are you happy?
It's no surprise that I've had more people than usual reaching out to me these past few weeks saying "something just doesn't feel right". "I need support."

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