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INTERVIEW | Jessica Giljam Brown on Hormones, Fertility & The Best Contraception Methods

Jessica Giljam Brown is a holistic nutritionist, hormones and fertility genius, self-confessed “science geek” and creates epicly informative content for her Instagram followers. She eats cake. She also eats cheeseburgers, drinks wine, and has never really enjoyed Yoga. A girl after my own heart, shifting the paradigm of how you need to ‘show up’ in the wellness industry.

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MONDAY PEP TALK | Why Doing Hard Things is Good For Your Mental Health

I learnt a lot at the Wim Hof method workshop I attended over the weekend with Element Health but one of the things that really stood out to me was how wired we have become for comfort. We seem to do everything in our power to avoid feeling the cold (and also the heat). We have heat pumps, electric blankets, underfloor heating, heated toilet seats (!), heating in our cars, in our offices, and scalding hot showers.

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Want to try a menstrual cup? Here's what you need to know

I remember the first time I saw a menstrual cup sitting on the shelves of a health food store and thinking “there’s no fucking way I would ever bring myself to use that”. “I use tampons! Tampons are fine!”

Except they aren’t fine. Even less so when they are your toxic, chemical laden supermarket stocked tampons. You know the ones. With the bright packaging and the expensive advertising budgets.

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Why I quit coffee

In August last year, I quit coffee. Real coffee anyway; I still drink decaf. Is that cheating? I’m not sure. All I know is that my body responds really poorly to caffeine and cow's milk and I don’t really have time for that. As an FYI, decaf coffee has had approximately 97% of the caffeine removed, so there is still a trace, but not enough to make you chomp at the bit.

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Huckleberry Reset & Restore Cleanse (and how I quit coffee!)

Recently my friend Tania and I embarked on a four day guided cleanse; a collaboration between Huckleberry and Feel Fresh Nutrition that promised to reset our systems after the winter season. It did that, and then some. Guided by the little nutritionist legend that is Abbie O’Rourke the programme included over four days worth of organic groceries, recipes, daily newsletters and a Facebook support group for endless virtual high-fives.

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A for Anxiety

A couple of weeks ago I shared on Instagram that the wheels had well and truly fallen off. I was feeling anxious, depleted, lacking motivation and all kinds of emotional. If you didn’t catch it or you've always wondered what I look like when I cry, here it is.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks quietly trying to make sense of what this lingering feeling means. Because, that’s what we do in the personal development space; we can’t just let feelings exist without rigorous curiosity. And the more I talk to women around me I’m discovering I’m not alone. I can reflect on it now because I feel like I'm coming out the other side.

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