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My Biggest Lesson In Non-Attachment And It Came From Tinder

After 3 incredible weeks in Bali I’m sitting here, under a new moon in Aries, reflecting on what an incredible trip this has been. People often ask me why I keep coming back to Bali—and how I don’t get bored spending a whole month ALONE—and it makes me sad that they don’t get why. I talk a lot about expanders and the importance of having people and places in your life that truly expand you—that force you to challenge what is possible.

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How To Overcome Getting Ghosted (+ My recent experience!)

I recently shared with you that I’d met an incredible guy and we’d been dating for three weeks. In many ways it had been moving relatively quickly, but at the same time we went days at a time without seeing each other due to his travel schedule. I was over the moon that I’d found someone so on my level, with the same sense of humour, who thought I was the cutest thing he’d ever seen and regularly reminded me so. He was smart, ambitious, honest, attentive and incredibly generous. He met some of my friends and spoke about the future. We were in constant contact. And then three weeks in, on the eve of my birthday weekend (hi 35!!) he was gone. I’d been ghosted.

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How to be 34, single and f*cking happy

I caught up with a good friend recently who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years; she’s just moved home from London, however our friendship has been maintained by social media -- as most modern millennial friendships go. After exchanging pleasantries, settling into her beanbag and handing me my decaf coffee, she tilted her head and asked “so how are you finding being 34 and single with no kids?”

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Guest blog | Prepair NZ Founder & CEO Irene Wakefield on the lessons she learned from an abusive relationship

When I think about self-love I don’t actually think about yoga, meditation, journalling or lush bath bombs. Nope, I think about the way I treat myself, living in alignment with my values and being comfortable in my own company. It’s a practice that feels good - for the most part.

I wasn’t always comfortable in my own company. The truth is, I was once in an abusive relationship.

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The conscious gals guide to dealing with heartbreak

Firstly, a boat load of gratitude to all of you who liked my first blog post on why I decided to become a health coach. I received so many messages and emails from people who read it, resonated and confided in me the struggles they were facing in their own personal lives. This was a really beautiful but unexpected response. I guess what I've learnt in this past week is that honesty and openness is a really rewarding by-product of vulnerability. And, that some people are just waiting for a permission slip to open up. 

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