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Rise + Shine breakfast club | JULY edition ft. Kristy Von Minden from Mind Bright

  • Monday's 503 New North Road Auckland, Auckland, 1021 New Zealand (map)

We believe that when you make the morning, you make the day, so what better way to start your day—than with the Rise + Shine breakfast series.

Join holistic health & life coach Anna Squelch and special guest friends for this monthly breakfast series. Like-minded women are invited to come together to connect, build their community and up-level their health & happiness over delicious food, with a new guest speaker each month for us to learn from. 

We want to talk about the things that matter.

In the world of personal development and spiritual growth, we know that it’s a heck of a lot easier when you have a tribe of accountability buddies who you can share your challenges and wins with. Which is why we are so pumped to bring you this awesome little ‘inner circle’ to become part of. And, who knows where we will take this?!

Each month we will have a different guest speaker, sharing a particular topic of interest in the health, wellness, spirituality or empowerment space at Monday’s Wholefoods in Kingsland, over a delicious, nourishing breakfast, some laughs (guaranteed) and a few hugs.

FOR JULY our special guest is Kristy Von Minden from Mind Bright. She is Mum to a toddler, an accredited mindfulness teacher, student of Neuroscience and geeks out on all things brain and stress related. After 15 years in the corporate communications industry, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, Kristy saw first-hand the negative impact the long hours, relentless rush and constant conectedness had on herself and the most highly motivated, intelligent and capable individuals. Her desire to not only understand why we are more stressed now than ever before, but to be a part of the solution with a fresh new approach, drove her to launch Mind Bright in 2017.

We'll explore the science of stress in the context of the 21st Century, the mind-body connection, what happens in our brains and bodies when we're stressed vs relaxed and the science of hardwiring healthy new habits. Learn why we need to stop focusing on life's external stressors, which are often outside of our control, and instead, focus on recharging ourselves with a daily relaxation practice. This practice will be supported with your take-home relaxation tool kit, which includes scientifically proven ideas to rest and recharge yourself. 

Plus, learn: 

  • What most people get wrong when trying to manage stress

  •  Why it’s impossible to think yourself out of being stressed and what to do about it 

  • 3 powerful secrets of the brain that can help you reduce stress and overwhelm, work and focus more efficiently and feel happier

  • The life-changing chemical, structural and functional changes that happen within the brain after meditating for just 8 weeks

  • Why our brains see the world negatively sometimes and how we can rewire ourselves to naturally be happier and more grateful

  • Easy tools for sitting with, processing and feeling more comfortable with so-called negative thoughts and emotions

The breakfast is limited to 20 guests so you can get lots of 1 on 1 time with myself and Kristy. Ticket price includes delicious whole-food breakfast, a tea or coffee and worksheet.