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I'm thrilled that you are serious about up-levelling your health and wellness by exploring a health coaching relationship with me. We really can't put a price on our health or our happiness. With more and more men and women getting stressed, sick and burnt out, it's more important than ever to take action with our wellbeing. Self-care isn't selfish; it's a necessity if you are to be a good parent, partner, colleague, friend or member of your community. Your transformation starts now.


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  1. Schedule your complimentary consultation with me so we can make sure that we're a good fit (use the scheduler at the bottom of this page). If I think that you are out of scope of the services I provide, I will make recommendations of who else you might work with.
  2. Choose which program you'd like to enrol in - group, or 1-1 (virtual or interactive), and length of term.
  3. Complete your new client enrolment form by clicking the button below
  4. I will email you a contract and payment details
  5. I do ask that you pay upfront monthly
  6. We will schedule in your first consultation...that's when the real fun begins.
  7. You send me check-in emails/voice-notes weekly
  8. I will send you notes and actions where relevant, along with relevant articles, books, podcasts etc that I think you'd benefit from
  9. On completion of the program, I will send a comprehensive progress report with next steps for you to continue on unassisted. There is of course the option to roll the program over to a new one if we feel you need ongoing support.
  10. You will check back in with me after 3 months and let me know all about the EPIC life you've  co-created.