Ground Up Program 

The 1-1 coaching program designed to help you go from idea to launch in 4 weeks. #Boomtown.

Have an idea you want to launch but not sure where to start? 


Is there a side hustle you've been tinkering with for years but you're too scared to put yourself out there because people other people's opinions are too f*cking scary?


Is there something you are wildly passionate about but you don't know how to turn it into a career? Or you feel like you've missed the boat

I got you. 


I was the gal who always had great ideas but never had the confidence to execute them. I always talked myself out of things, saying "it's too late". "Everyone else is already doing it." "How on God's green earth am I going to be better than them?"

You know where that got me?  Bloody no where.

I spent years working in my corporate job to the point of burnout, because I convinced myself that health and wellness wasn't a viable career. That I couldn't make proper money. That everyone else was already doing it wayyyyy better and there was no room at the table for me. Wahhhhh.

What a load of balls.

A couple of years ago I got a soul nudge - in the form of a life coach -that pushed me in the direction of what I'd wanted all along. And I've never looked back. (You can read about it in a blog post I wrote here.) 

I've learnt a hell of a lot about starting my own business over these past couple of years. I didn't take shortcuts. I certainly didn't buy followers (and NEVER WILL), or come across as anything other than myself on social media. I built my website from the ground up (and now I get paid to build websites for other people). I started a blog as a form of catharsis and healing from my past trauma and anxiety. I opened my coaching books and took on paid clients before I was fully certified. I sold out my first retreat. I sold out my first coaching program. I fell in love with doTERRA essential oils and committed myself to building another side business with them.

And in April 2018, I quit my corporate job to go all in on this wild passion of mine; helping others heal, and fully step into their purpose (even if they have no idea what that looks like.)

The secret sauce is--we all have a deeper purpose within us, even if we can't see it or feel it. But sometimes it needs a little coaxing - in the form of a coach - to bring it into fruition. It's in there, I promise you.

My business may not yet be hugely successful (in terms of revenue), but I'm hugely happy. People I haven't seen in a while comment all the time that I look like I'm living my best life. And I truly am.

This is The New Way, as Peta Kelly coined. (If you haven't yet bought her book Earth is Hiring, please do; it's magnificent). Working for 30 years in the same corporate job is the old way. Being glued to your desk and staring at a computer screen, tinkering away so you can line the pockets of executives at the top who don't even know your name--that's the old way.

I’m here to show you that there’s another way

i haVE put together this 4 week coaching program - the ground up - to help people like you follow your dreams, empower you and teach you how to start your own business (or maybe just develop a side-project you reallllly love and that fuels your soul)

This is not a get rich quick scheme. I'm not going to tell you what to do every step of the way per se. I'm not going to promise you you'll pay off your mortgage within a year. But I am going to hold space for you to figure out what is on your heart, and encourage you to follow that, all while giving you the practical tips I have picked up along the way on my journey. I'll be your soul's calling cheerleader! I'll let you know when you're playing small and selling out on yourself. Most of all, I just love empowering people to chase after what they want. So lemme do that for you.


Over the 4 weeks you will learn:

-Where you currently are, where you want to be and what's in the way

-How to get clear on what it is you truly want, and how to take the first step

-Learn who your ideal client is and how to call them in

-How to develop a personal brand, create an identity and all of the practical stuff like designing a logo, creating a website, graphics etc etc

-How to develop a growth mindset, and all of the other mindset hacks I've picked up along the way to keep me clear and focused

-How to navigate fear and imposter syndrome

-Learn what systems you need in your business: e.g payment, bookings, invoicing, creative, productivity etc

-How to navigate the transition from full-time job to full-time entrepreneur without losing your shit


If that sounds like something you'd like to jump on, then let's set up a discovery call so we can chat through the details.



Hear what clients are saying about working with Anna...

Life is too short to be hanging out with dicks.


  • You got me, girl, I need this. I'm ready. How do I sign up?

Fab. I like you already. Click here.


  • Do I have to be in the wellness industry to do this coaching?

Not at all. If you have an idea and you'd like my help executing it -- you're welcome here.


  • This program is exactly what I need but I'm not sure if I can afford it right now. Help?

Growth is not supposed to be comfortable (hence why they are called growing pains), but my question is - how committed are you to your highest growth? If you are, you'll find a way out of no way. Your growth is an investment, not an expense, and you probably wouldn't think twice about 'investing' in a new pair of shoes or a night out on the town, right? Payment plans are available, so send me an email if this is you.


  • Is the program open to men and women?

Men, women and gender non-specific.


  • If I didn't benefit from the program, do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you don't feel that you got what you wanted from the program, but can show that you showed up to each week's call, and completed all worksheets, you are entitled to a refund less 10% admin fee, within 5 days completion of the program date.


  • I don't live in NZ, can I still participate in the program?

Sure can. The entire program can be accessed online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


  • I have another question that hasn't been answered

Cool, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer or jump on a quick call with you


What's Included

  • 1 x 90 minute strategy session with me (either online via Zoom or in person if in Auckland)

  • 3 x 75 minute weekly sessions with me (either online via Zoom or in person if in Auckland)

  • 1 x bonus 45 minute call to be used at any point up to 12 weeks after the program ends for when you need a top-up

  • Weekly workbooks and homework tasks to complete #yougetoutwhatyouputin

  • Access to all of my favourite business resources, systems, podcasts—you name it

  • Unlimited access to me via email or Messenger during the course of the program for any questions that arise

  • Access to me via email or Messenger for 4 weeks post coaching completion for any additional support required

  • A copy of my favourite business mindset book - The Success Principles by Jack Canfield



I Know What You Might Be Thinking...


I can't spend that much on myself...

I'm not worth that much...

I have other priorities this month...

"fill in the blank of whatever other self-worth vs money story you have"


I've said it before and I'll say it til my dying days -- your health and happiness is an investment, not an expense. And it might just be the best investment you ever make. Take it from someone who has spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and personal development this past year.

You buy something from the $2 shop, you get $2 of quality and value and it probably doesn't last long. There's unsustainable labour involved and cheap materials. It's the same with service-based businesses. This is why my programs are priced the way they are; because it shows your level of financial commitment. The investment needs to be a stretch, so YOU commit to stretching.... After all - how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are constantly trying to cut corners, get a discount, and scrimp - that's what you'll get back in reciprocity. I recognise that we are all in different financial positions (we'll talk about abundance and prosperity in week 2 of the program, dontcha worry) so payment plans are available on request.

PS. Please please please only apply for this program if you are 150% committed to living a really big, fun life and going all in. you owe it to the group and to yourself.


Final Words


Pain is a given; suffering is optional. If you are experiencing pain, suffering, confusion, fear or anxiety in any area of your life then please please please do something about it. My biggest wish for my humanity - and I mean this with every fibre of my being - is that everyone has access to the tools that I have developed, to harness their mindset to experience unlimited amounts of happiness, joy, love and harmony in their lives. I know that this probably sounds illustrious and unattainable to some, but BELIEVE ME IT'S NOT. I had the shittiest mindset for so long - and now my life is f*cking perfect. I don't mean that everything goes perfectly, but I see everything as a lesson, a growth opportunity, or working FOR me (not against me). You can too. I am so committed to your growth, to ending your suffering, so please meet me there and invest in yourself. You won't believe the magic that will unfold when you say yes.

ANNA xo. 


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