Heartspace // we KICK OFF 12th May! //

A 4-Week Online Group Coaching Program to Help You Heal from Heartbreak & Return to Love.

4 x GROUP ZOOM CALLS (weekly)

Who it’s for:

This program is for you if you…

  • Feel like you have lost ‘the one’

  • Are prepared to get vulnerable in order to heal

  • Are unsure how you’re ever going to love again

  • Are afraid to let your walls down in relationships

  • Want to reignite the passion and zest you once had for life

  • Have been rejected or betrayed in previous relationship(s)

  • Are blaming yourself for the breakdown of your relationship(s)

  • Feel like you are still holding on to heartbreak from a past relationship

  • Are prepared to take 100% responsibility for your life and happiness moving forward

  • Want to create closure around a previous partnership where you have ‘unfinished business’

  • Want to learn practical tools for reopening your heart again to love, and deepen your own self-love practices

  • Want to learn how to be with your emotions, honour them, and use them to move forward with openness and grace

If this sounds like you then Heartspace is going to be a safe space for you to come back to wholeness.

This program is not for you if you…

  • Have been diagnosed with clinical depression, borderline personality disorder or other mood disorders that require psychological supervision. (You may take this program in conjunction with supervision with your psychologist, but we will have a call first to discuss suitability).

  • Are prepared to stay in victim mode, blaming your ex(es) for how you feel.

What you get:


The group program will be limited to 6 open-hearted women so we can maximum 1:1 connection and accountability. Our coaching calls will take place via Zoom each week - 4 x 60-90 minute sessions. If you aren’t able to make a call it will be recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group to watch later. Obvs, you’ll get better results if you can dial in as it is a safe space where you can take the mask off, be open and vulnerable, and allow yourself to be seen and supported by the group.

What we cover:


  • Set a strong intention for the type of partnership you want to attract into your life (as well as health, friendships, financial abundance and more)

  • Get radically honest about how you are feeling and why

  • Clear out old woundings via cord-cutting meditation, visualisation & journalling practices

  • Learn how to create an environment for love at home using feng-shui techniques, crystals and energetic clearing


  • Identify your stories, generational patterning and societal conditioning and how they continue to play out in your life today

  • Expose and heal the painful emotions that you have been holding in your body since childhood

  • Look at your relationship history and the patterns that have been playing over, extract the wisdom and create closure

  • Become really present to your thoughts and your environment


  • Get crystal clear on your vision for partnership & learn how to commit that daily

  • Generate impenetrable self-worth

  • Shift your vibration to one of unconditional love

  • Learn how to manifest your ideal sacred partnership and surrender using “law of attraction” exercises and vibrational attunement


  • Establish your core values, and clear out anything in your life that doesn’t align to that

  • Take inspired action towards inviting love in

  • Learn how to communicate courageously in partnership, expressing your feelings and needs in a way that others can hear you

  • Create opportunities to invite love in & make dating fun again by being bold

The Investment:

Standard: $450 upfront, or 4 weekly payments of $125.

VIP (includes a 1 hour laser coaching call with me): $595 upfront, or 4 weekly payments of $160. (Prices in NZD).

How to apply:

The program is by application so I can assess suitability. I want to ensure that you are really ready for this, and I am the right person to guide you through. After you submit your application, I will be in touch to schedule a 20 minute chat so we can both decide that this is right for you, and I can hear more about what you are hoping to achieve.

If you are ready to create a blissful next chapter of your life, and are willing to open yourself up to love in all its’ forms, I invite you to apply below.


Psst… Hurry. We start 12th May, and the sooner you commit to this program, the sooner the Universe answers your call and begins creating with you!

I love the way Anna thinks. From our first coaching call Anna was able to help me shift some ineffective thoughts that I was holding on to. She’s real and she’ll tell it like it is, no fluff. Sometimes that feels uncomfortable, but it was exactly what I needed. Working with her, within only a short amount of time, has led to 2 major breakthroughs in my life. Thank you, Anna!
— Jessica, Sydney