KICKSTART 1:1 coaching package

A 4-Session Coaching Kickstarter Designed to Help You Tap Into Your Alignment.


Who it’s for:

This program is for you if you…

  • Feel like you’re not fully living your best life

  • Are unsure if the career you’re in is the right one

  • Can’t seem to attract in the friends and relationships you truly desire

  • Have had little to no exposure to personal development and spirituality

  • Have identified some negative beliefs you have about yourself, and you’re prioritising other people above yourself

  • Are not feeling as physically and emotionally healthy as you could be but struggle with maintaining consistency in any type of program, and you self-sabotage.

If this sounds like you then Kickstart is a great place to start.

What you get:


We’ll meet via Zoom for 4 1 hour sessions over 4-6 weeks depending on your schedule. The more consistent the better your results are likely to be.

During our sessions we will look at where in your life the present challenges are, where I feel they might have stemmed from (what’s in the way!), and what the ultimate big picture vision is for your life. I will meet you exactly where you are at today, so I ask that you show up as your true, authentic self, and really allow yourself to be coached.


I love the way Anna thinks. From our first coaching call Anna was able to help me shift some ineffective thoughts that I was holding on to. She’s real and she’ll tell it like it is, no fluff. Sometimes that feels uncomfortable, but it was exactly what I needed. Working with her, within only a short amount of time, has led to 2 major breakthroughs in my life. Thank you, Anna!
— Jessica, Sydney