Private coaching

If you’re ready to forgo your old life, patterns and habits for new ones, a coach might be just the thing you need. Coaching isn’t about fixing what is broken; it’s about gaining insight and understanding into why you make the choices you do, and transforming those behaviours so you can live your best life.

As a holistic health coach, I look at emotional health first and foremost, which draws a bigger picture of your physical health.


When you say yes to coaching, you have your own personal cheerleader to help you navigate life's obstacles and a toolkit of resources at your disposal to draw from so you can handle whatever life throws at you. As your coach, I help you see the blindspots that you mightn’t see yourself, and help you shift your mindset so that you make more healthy choices in life and love. As an IIN-trained Integrative Health Coach, I don’t just look at your relationship with food and exercise; I also look at your relationships, career, money and everything else that makes up your bigger picture so that we can bring them into alignment with your true, authentic self. Interested in finding out how we could work together on achieving your goals and aspirations? I have some options below.

private programs available



4 x private coaching sessions

A 4-Session Coaching Kickstarter Designed to Help You Tap Into Your Alignment.

If you’re looking for a ‘running buddy’ to help you get crystal clear on what you want in life, or to help you bust through fear that is holding you back from choosing a certain path, OR you’d just like to get happier and healthier, the Kickstart program is a great place to start.

Consider this ‘personal development for the everyday gal.’

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An 8 week Online Transformational Coaching Program That Gives You The Tools To Find Radical Alignment In Every Area Of Your Life.

7o exercises to be completed at your own pace, that will equip you with the tools and mindset to help you find alignment in your career, relationships, finances, social connections and health & fitness. All areas, aligned.

Be prepared to get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like, and how to get there. Fast.

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60 day online program




3 month mentorship program

A Completely Customised Three Month Mentorship Program Designed to Facilitate Deep Transformation So You Can Find Physical & Emotional Wholeness.

The recommended option for anyone looking to make lasting change. A lot of life can happen in 3 months, and you’ll be supported through it all. Whether you’re looking to make a career change, find out what your soul purpose is or simply get to know yourself on a deeper level, a three month journey will get you there.

Prepare to be cracked wide open.

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