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An 8 Week Mastermind For Women Who Are Ready to Show Up With Radical Authenticity & Design a Blueprint To Live Out Their Highest Alignment

Who it’s for:

This program was designed for you if you…

  • Know you’re not living the life you truly came here to live, but you can’t seem to keep your focus where it ‘needs’ to be, and you’re scared to be the real you

  • Want more out of your career, relationships and friendships, and to feel fully empowered in your choices as to who you surround yourself with

  • Regularly experience feelings of self-doubt, low self-worth, and fear of being judged or rejected

  • Are prepared to say ‘no’ to everything that isn’t a full body yes

  • Want to integrate your ego and your shadows so you can embody your higher self

  • Want to know how it finally feels to live in full alignment with your beliefs, values, and without giving a f*ck what anyone else thinks

  • Want to set empowered boundaries without feeling like you are letting someone down

  • Want to experience deeper levels of intimacy in your relationships, as well as your friendships

  • Know that your health needs a radical overhaul, but you struggle with commitment

  • Want to quit the negative self talk when it comes to your body image

  • Want to feel abundant in all areas of your life, but particularly your money mindset

  • Are ready to be vulnerable, to go all in, and to commit to taking radical, inspired action towards your growth

…This life is absolutely available to you, if you just choose to show up and receive it. I want you to learn how to own every part of you.

Radical Blueprint is for the woman who knows that her freedom is on the other side of her fear and is finally ready to get out of her own way, so she can start living the life she came here to live.


What’s included:

  • A 90 minute 1:1 kick-off session after enrolment where we deep-dive into your desires and blockages, and start mapping out what it is you want to achieve

  • 8 live group coaching calls via Zoom, recorded so you can watch them back

  • Weekly hot-seats where you can ask your questions and get coached live by me

  • Guest expert speakers jamming out on the topics

  • Weekly workbooks, meditations, visualisations, journalling prompts, and homework in between

  • Regular support from me in our private Facebook group—a place where we will show up for each other, celebrate our wins, and deepen the sisterhood. NB, this Facebook group will stay live forever, so you can continue the work with each other long after the mastermind ends

  • Voxer (walkie talkie app) access to me

  • Plus…..an Auckland meet-up at the end of the mastermind program…fun!


What we will be Masterminding on:


  • Acknowledging and accepting every part of your story

  • Why self-acceptance comes before self-love

  • Separating yourself from your inner critic

  • How to cultivate unconditional self-acceptance

  • Forgiveness

  • How to build self-esteem in a society that wants to tear us down


  • Freedom in authenticity

  • The power of vulnerability and connection

  • Living from your deepest values

  • Trusting your inner wisdom

  • Getting back in touch with your inner compass

  • Liberating yourself from seeking approval


  • Unconditional self-love

  • What's blocking you

  • Self-love and relationships

  • Rituals for sacred self-care

  • Clearing guilt and shame


  • Healing relationship trauma

  • Self-worth + self-belief

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Crystal clear communication

  • Communicating between genders

  • Conscious partnership


  • The key to a successful intimate relationship

  • Becoming aware of your sexual scripts

  • Womb healing, chakra clearing + yoni eggs.

  • Shedding old sexual stories

  • Sexual confidence and alchemy

  • Intimacy 101

  • Feminine + masculine dynamics


  • The 8 laws of health

  • Habits for Self-mastery

  • Emotional health

  • Routines and rituals

  • Supplements, nutrition and superfoods

  • Stress + hormones


  • Money and The Law of Abundance

  • What abundance truly means (outside of material wealth)

  • How to feel abundant on a daily basis

  • Harnessing the power of manifestation and wealth frequency

  • The relationship between money, creativity and sex.


  • Why cognitive learning won't get you the results you want

  • Integrating your shadow

  • Walking your talk

  • Soul contracts, vibration and energetics.

  • The power of embodiment in manifestation

  • Upgrading and applying your blueprint

Please note: this is a high-level mastermind, and I’m calling forward women to apply who are ready and committed to their long-term growth. There will be embodiment practices for you to complete in between sessions, so I’m inviting in women who have the time and willingness to truly invest in themselves.

What if…

At the end of the Mastermind, you could wake up feeling f*cking excited to start your day. Like a cloud has been lifted. That you could begin having authentic, vulnerable conversations with people and not worry whether they actually like you. That you had soul friends who were waiting for you on the other end of the phone, holding space for your growth. That you could set boundaries like a ninja. That you could no longer doubt every decision you needed to make, and fear making the wrong one. That you could embody the goddess that you actually came here to be. And life just began to feel effortless, sexy and fun!


How to apply:

If this spoke to you, and you are ready to come play with me (and play hard!), fill out the application form below and I will be in contact to schedule a discovery call to see if this Mastermind is a good fit for you. And if not, at least hopefully you’ll finish the call feeling like you are empowered to start your own journey! Make sure you’ve read the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page, first.

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Radical Blueprint has been a true gift for me. I enrolled in the program as I was looking for more support and tools on showing up in life + biz as more of my authentic self and I have walked away with so much more. The program has uncovered my fears and blocks around being seen by others and how this is truly getting in the way of creating the life I desire. I feel so equipped with many new tools and insights that will continue to support me to step into my light and share my gifts. I feel more grounded, more self content and positive about what the future holds.
— Pip


I’m completely new to personal development; is this program right for me?

Yes, it’s for all levels. I make sure that my content is really easy to digest, no matter what level of personal development you are at.

Where is the price?

All of my programs are priced low, relative to the value I offer. #underpromiseoverdeliver. That’s because I want to make my work accessible to everyone. I have different payment plan options available, which can be discussed over the phone. I’d hate for you to just scroll this page, have a “budget” in mind for what you want to invest in yourself, and then allow fear to come up and stop you from exploring the potential of what this mastermind could create for you. Let’s jump on a call and see if we can make it work for you.

How many women are in the program?

I’m capping it at 15, so everyone can get plenty of my focus.

I’m not based in NZ, can I still join?

Yes, the program is all online (apart from the meet-up at the end) so you can apply from anywhere in the world.

What day / time will the calls be?

I will schedule these once I know what countries the ladies will be joining from, so I can make it work for everyone. The calls will also be recorded so you can watch them back if you miss a call.

I really want to join but I’m scared. Help?

It’s perfectly normal to feel fear coming up when we embark on any kind of transformation. What if that fear was actually anticipation and excitement for what was right around the corner? One thing I teach all my clients is that wherever they feel fear come up, that is pointing them to their freedom, so it’s the direction they need to go in.

If you have any other questions at all, email me: anna@consciousworldwellness.com.

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