we run wellness retreats in bali and nz currently, but we are always on the lookout for new destinations.

In 2019 we will be hosting our first retreat in magical byron baY. Yew!

Conscious World Wellness retreats are driven by the magic of bringing women together in an idyllic location away from your usual environment and frenetic pace of life, in order to inject in some self-love, reconnect back into yourself and embark on a soul adventure.

We laugh, we cry, we share, we expand, and we leave with a renewed connectedness and a purpose on our soul that wasn’t there prior. Many of the women really see themselves for the first time, and what they’re capable of.

Our retreats are for everyone. They are not your regimented 'wake at 5am and chant for an hour before eating half a boiled egg and a cup of green tea' retreats--although those certainly do have their place. These are retreats for everyday people like you and me, who love travel, love nature, love yoga (but rarely find time for it), love soulful chats, love eating delicious and fresh whole-food meals, and love diving deeper into their souls so you can really start living in your purpose. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, you'll feel at home with us, and will forge life-long friendships with the other retreaters--because we have a big focus on connection.

To find out more about what goes on at one of our Bali retreats, you can read here.


Upcoming Retreats


Soulful Leadership Retreat with Anna + Romy

An energetic alignment experience

March 1-6, 2019. Byron bay, nsw

anna squelch and romy burgess are calling forward a handful of heart-centred, soulful women to join them on retreat in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

Wherever you are at in your life right now, you’re probably operating within your comfort zone. Perhaps you’ve found your purpose in your business but you’re not quite having the impact you desire. You are yearning for more authentic connections with other inspiring women. Or perhaps you haven’t yet found what it is you came here to do. Your soul purpose.

Maybe you want to scale your business, take on new staff, or expand into new areas, but you’re running on empty. Self-care and rest doesn’t seem to get a look in when you’re this busy…

And most of all, you’re afraid to show up and really be the face of your business. (We get it, Instagram and Facebook live videos terrify everyone at first.)

Wherever you are at, it’s perfect. We’re here to answer your call so if you’ve been looking for a sign, let this be it.


Imagine 5 nights of disconnecting from technology and the outside world, connecting to nature through daily walks, yoga and outdoor meditation, eating delicious home-cooked plant-based food and unearthing what is truly on our hearts through transformational group coaching workshops, focusing on not only the strategy for your business, but the strategy for your SOUL. That’s often what is missing in business; that soul connection. We’re so busy taking care of the needs and wants of everyone else that we leave ourselves to last..

Both Anna and Romy are incredibly passionate about working with women on their visions and missions; breaking through limiting beliefs; and helping them reach new levels of success and embodiment both in their work and at home.

Yes, this is a leadership retreat, but you don’t need to have your own business to attend. You simply have to have a burning desire inside of you to connect with other heart-centred women who are shifting the paradigm of how we do soulful business—whether that’s leading from the front as CEO, or from the side in the accounts department. The truth is, you can be a mother AND a CEO. You can wear crystals in your bra AND wear a power suit to work. You can run your own company AND travel half the year if you want to. And we want to show you how. The old ‘hustle’ mentality doesn’t work here. This is the aligned, soulful hustle and it’s calling you forward.

Over the 5 days, Anna and Romy will lead you on an exploration of the 7 chakras and introduce you to practices to clear energetic blockages that are stopping you from seeing the bigger picture in your life and business, create an epic vision for 2019 and a container to hold it, and develop self-care practices that will allow you to DO and BE from a place of groundedness and optimum vitality. We will be merging internal empowerment with external business strategies to build and sustain an impact driven, soulful business of your dreams.


Romy, a holistic nutritionist, facialist and owner of The Beauty Elixir is passionate about helping women feel whole and beautiful from the inside out. She will guide us in her signature ‘beauty from within’ workshop so we can put our best face forward (literally, and figuratively!) and will be treating attendees to a divine intuitive facial with her.

Anna, a business and life strategy coach and holistic health nerd loves to help women see their own brilliance and create alignment in every area of their life. Passionate about helping women become an authentic and empowered voice in their life and business, Anna will be running her signature ‘aligned and empowered’ workshop. Together, Anna and Romy will also facilitate the soulful success circle.


Over the 5 days you will be taken on a journey through the chakras - our energetic centres - what each one represents, and how to tap into the energy they each hold in order to lead your life from a space of energetic openness and grounding. When chakras are blocked, we are not only not in our creative element, but we are more prone to illness and disease.

DAY 1 - Root (Muladhara) + Sacral (Svadhishana): Our root or base chakra is located at the base of our spine and is associated with our connection to earth, survival, health, abundance, family, passion, and moving forward in life. When this chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel "stuck" and just can't seem to move forward in life. Situated in the lower abdomen, our sacral chakra is related to sensuality, sexuality, and desire for pleasure. 


  • Grounding meditation

  • Outdoor adventures + connecting to nature

  • Money mindset work; setting you up for your next level of abundance

  • Setting foundations for your sustained evolution; the 2.0 level of your business

  • Desire and dream mapping (what they are and why you aren’t going after them)

  • Yoga, tantra and practices to connect you back into your sensuality

DAY 2 - Solar Plexus (Manipura): This chakra is associated with our physical centre, personal power, desire, inner-strength, emotions, instincts, and “gut” feelings and is located in our belly (hence the term “fire in my belly”). A balanced solar plexus allows you to have control over your thoughts and emotional responses, set healthy boundaries, and be at peace with yourself.


  • Manipura meditation

  • Sun salutation yoga flow

  • Creating the next 6 months in your business

  • Cycle awareness workshop - living in sync with your feminine cycle

DAY 3 - Heart (Anahata): The heart chakra is the centre of your spirit as well as the centre of the chakras, making it a vital energy centre for our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. It is associated with love, compassion, safety, trust, adventure, self-compassion, forgiveness, and relationships. 


  • Heart-chakra sound bath

  • Deepening your connection to self and to your clients

  • Self-love rituals and letting go healing circle

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Walking meditation in nature

DAY 4 - Throat (Vishuddha): The throat centre or communication centre is where you speak your truth in this world. When this chakra is flowing at optimum levels, you have the ability to ask for what you need and reflect your truth in the world through communication. If the throat chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel you are unable to communicate verbally, physically, and emotionally. Not fun!


  • Attracting in your soulmate clients using sales mastery practices

  • Creating powerful content on social media + getting over the fear of being seen

  • Owning your story

  • Vulnerability circle

  • Breath work

DAY 5 - Third eye (Ajna) + Crown (Sahaswara): Located between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra holds the properties of insight, intuition and awareness. All powerful properties for women. Located a little above the top of the head, the crown chakra represents union, bliss, the knowledge of being at one with all.  It is our connection to cosmic source: spirituality, divine wisdom, enlightenment, the universe, God (or your particular belief system), imagination, awareness, and optimism.  


  • Guided visualisation and manifestation

  • Bringing your visions to life

  • Beauty from within holistic health workshop

  • Powerful intention setting


We just want to tell you how freaking excited we are for this retreat!
— Anna + Romy


  • All meals - all plant-based and GF

  • Daily workshops with Anna and Romy—a mix of diving into business strategy, heart-centred execution and soulful self-care rituals

  • Daily magic: meditation, beach walks, nature-bathing, sound bath, yoga and healing circles (where the magic happens!)

  • Shuttle transfer from Gold Coast airport to Byron Bay (if arriving on the 1st)

  • A welcome pack with workbooks, a journal and other goodies

  • A divine intuitive facial with Romy Burgess, from The Beauty Elixir

  • 5 nights in an exquisitely-styled and spacious home set in the magical hinterland of Byron Bay (the expansion mansion!)

  • A trip to the Byron Bay markets (the most insane markets Anna has ever been to)

  • Angel card readings

  • PLUS: 3 months of support following the retreat in the private Facebook group exclusive to this group (this is a HUGE bonus!)

  • Andddddd a few other surprises which will be announced soon..



ROOM 1: Deluxe Master suite (1 x king bed) - NZD$2990 single occupancy or $1990 each shared occupancy

ROOM 2: Superior Double room (1 x queen bed) - NZD$2790 single occupancy or $1790 each shared occupancy

ROOM 3: Superior Twin room (2 x single beds) - NZD$2790 single occupancy or $1790 each shared occupancy

This will be an intimate retreat, so spaces are limited to 6 women. (Shared options available). Because of this you will get lots of one-on-one time with Anna and Romy, and the other incredible retreat ladies.

because we want to ensure we create the most sacred container for This retreat, it will be by application only. To apply for a spot simply apply below and email to pay a non-refundable deposit of NZD$500. (Payment plans are available on request).

9 Reasons to visit Byron Bay

  1. The most incredible beaches ever: Tallows, Wategoes

  2. Cape Byron Lighthouse (best views of Byron Bay and the most eastern point of Australia)

  3. The coolest eateries around (The Mez Club, Combi, Folk, Roadhouse, Treehouse)

  4. Crystal Castle. Say no more.

  5. Epic surf beaches (Clarkes, Belongil and Wategos)

  6. The Farm

  7. Historic Bangalow town (where our retreat house is located; 20 mins from Byron Bay!)

  8. The shopping (Mar-kett, Island Luxe, Hope & May, Spell)

  9. Chris Hemsworth lives there and apparently his marriage is on the rocks

(Or you can just read this article which has a heap of great suggestions).


What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time to uplevel your life and your business—let this be it. Apply now and we will be in contact once we have reviewed your application.