Before attending your Bali Retreat, the extent of my knowledge on personal development was goal setting, gratitude, positive mindset etc. but the retreat opened me up to completely new concepts. The mantra's, the grounding, the "being present" etc. I enjoyed parts but also rejected a lot of it as well which I now realise was probably out of ego (tell that to me back then and my ego probably would have disagreed lol)! What I appreciate most though is how in a situation where I was rejecting certain things, you could have easily ignored me and left me alone to do me BUT you didn't. Even after the retreat had ended, you reached out to me to find out what was bugging me, understood it and came up with a way to resolve it. That not only made me respect you so much but I have also become a better person for it and I want to say thank you and also give you my highest recommendation to everybody else. DANY, Auckland