What a phenomenal change Anna’s one-on-one coaching has made for my life. My biggest take-away has been my own personalised toolkit of mechanisms Anna has helped me build over three months to deal with pretty much everything life’s thrown at me. Regardless of the hurdles I’ve had to deal with (career, health, home front). I’ve completely changed my perspective and now have a better understanding of some of the challenges holding me back from living my ‘best life’. It’s been a difficult few years of adjusting to life in Fiji paired with many years of dealing with anxiety and working in a highly stressful environment, and with Anna’s help I’ve been able to approach this holistically and more importantly, to address the detrimental mindset I’ve held onto for far too long. The change has been great. I’ve even impacted on other people around me who are making more positive changes in their own lives. I would definitely recommend Anna to anyone else who doesn’t know where to begin but is keen to be healthier, more positive and feel centred in the midst of chaos or change. SALOME, Fiji