Before I signed up to the All in Alignment Program I kept changing my mind about joining and I came up with ALL of the reasons why not to do it - it's a lot of money, it probably won't be relevant for me, I don't have time for this.... but deep down I knew I was just nervous about what would come up for me that I had been avoiding facing up to and processing. And wow, there was A LOT, more than even I realised. From week 1, everyone in the group made me feel so comfortable and Anna created a really special space where you felt safe sharing. Because I'm just at the beginning of this journey I worried that my breakthroughs weren't as insightful as everyone else's and that I was wasting everyone's time - classic limiting self belief I have - but Anna and the other group members listened and helped me explore how I was feeling, in a really constructive way. I looked forward to the weekly calls and loved sharing what had come up for me that week. And one of the best bits about the group was that other people's breakthrough's triggered further breakthroughs for me - something I had not expected at all. Some weeks were definitely more relevant to where I am in my journey than others, but the program was all about you working at your pace and and was flexible enough that you could take learnings away from each subject. As Anna kept reminding me, this is a life long journey, but I really feel that this program has given me the building blocks I need to continue exploring and growing. Anna has created something so special and worthwhile, I think everyone should forget about the excuses and just do the work. WHITNEY, Auckland