Ep. 1: Gaia Chinniah | Aligning To Your Soul's Potential

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In the FIRST EPISODE of The Full Circle Podcast I sit down with my spiritual healer and mentor Gaia Chinniah who shares her story of how she went from being a TV presenter and corporate gal to a spiritual healer (which she never in a million years thought she’d be doing.)

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How her kiwi clients differ from her international clients.

  • How to find your purpose

  • How to stop wanting to please your parents

  • Defining what success means

  • How to find your tribe

  • Soul Blueprints, what are they?

  • How to stop repeating toxic patterns over and over

  • The power of responding vs reacting

  • How to protect and restore energy as a light-worker and empath

  • Creating a life of your dreams (and having fun with it)


Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Where to Find Gaia Chinniah