Ep. 10: Choosing Your Health Over Your Business + Life After Clean Treats with Charlie De Haas

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In this episode, Anna sits down with Charlie De Haas, brand and start-up consultant who recently moved back to NZ after 18 years in Sydney and closing down a multi-million dollar business empire - The Clean Treats Factory - that was costing her her physical and emotional health.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How a career as a fitness model led her to punish herself with exercise, and then food

  • Her digestive issues that no allopathic or alternative practitioners were able to fix

  • Taking her health into her own hands

  • Being put on medication for paraplegics to help her body digest food

  • Being at the forefront of the gluten free bandwagon following her own health struggles

  • Having one of the first businesses in food to start working with influencers

  • Why women experience so much shame around being sexy

  • The importance of having integrity in both your personal life and business

  • Her battle with chronic anxiety, chronic depression and chronic fatigue

  • Why not to settle in your setback

  • How to know when the universe is leading you in the right direction

  • Her favourite ways to listen to the universe

  • All about her new business β€˜The Connection Co.’ connecting conscious businesses with brands and influencers

  • The importance of creating your brand identity as a small (or large) business

  • Her daily non-negotiable morning routine


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