Ep. 3: Dannii Orawiec | Living With MS Symptom Free, Emotional Clearing & The Power of Truth + Vulnerability


In this episode Anna sits down with her friend Dannii Orawiec, an emotional clearing practitioner and vulnerability coach, where she shares her journey of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, to developing a wellness protocol and a set of practices that allows her to live symptom free.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Dannii rehabilitated herself from chronic pain

  • Her previous life as a phone psychic

  • The power of vulnerability

  • Her morning routine

  • The benefits of eating organ meat

  • Why we are more effective when we work in our 'genius zone'

  • Releasing shame and guilt around sex and sexuality

  • Why Dannii loves breathwork and what it has opened up for her in her healing journey


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