Ep. 5: SOLO | My Anxiety Journey: Being Diagnosed, Coming Out About My Mental Health + How I'm Healing


In this SOLO EPISODE of The Full Circle Podcast Anna sits down and shares her whole anxiety story from being in denial to being diagnosed, how her employers at her corporate job handled it, and how she has managed her anxiety over the past few years after a break-up spiralled her into rockbottom.

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In this episode, Anna talks about:

  • When she first began to experience anxiety

  • About her emitophobia and what that is

  • About the panic attack that landed her in A&E

  • That anxiety isn't just about worrying

  • How hypnosis helped her clear trauma and blocked emotions

  • Her top 3 tools for helping anxiety

  • Her biggest breakthrough moment with her anxiety

  • How she gained back her confidence

  • Why it's so important for her to advocate for healthy mental health conversations in the workplace, and how you can become an advocate too.


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