Ep. 6: Olivia Scott | From The Raw Kitchen to Reiki Healing + Everything In Between


In this episode Anna sits down (in Bali!) with Olivia, founder of The Raw Kitchen, and now Reiki healer, to learn about her journey of starting her raw cakes business at the tender age of 21, to growing it to 6 cafe's, and then selling the business and becoming a Reiki healer and intuitive.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her transformational month in India

  • Why she decided to train as a Reiki healer

  • How she’s meshing her business and spiritual sides

  • How meditation helped her start her business at such a young age, and the different forms that meditation can take

  • The strength of her personal spiritual practice in keeping her grounded throughout the turbulent times in her business

  • The importance of listening to the ‘pings’

  • We spoke about Olivia being in her Saturn Return (learn about your Saturn Return here.)


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