Are you sick of swirling around in a sea of confusion and self-doubt?

Do you feel unclear on your purpose, lacking passion for anything and altogether unfulfilled?

Do you feel as if everyone around you has their shit together and you are just treading water, one day to the next?

Do you feel as though there’s a hell of a lot more you could be getting from this life of yours?

Do you want to stop seeking approval and validation from others with everything that you do?


You’re ready to stop letting FEAR govern your decisions.

You’re ready to build a deeper connection to yourself so that you lead with intuition and embodiment instead.

You want to only say yes to shit you ACTUALLY want to do, and forget the rest (without feeling like you’re letting someone down).

You want to cultivate a deeper sense of intimacy and connection in your relationships (and in yourself) so you finally stop comparing yourself to everyone around you.

And most of all, you want to feel like you’re living in full alignment with your values, beliefs and highest self. Fulfilling who you came here to be.

It’s time for you to make space to get realigned.

“If you want your life to be braver, bolder, in alignment and full of self love- invest in working with Anna, you will not regret it.”

Jess Weller, The Weller Network

I’m going to help you reprogram the new you, from the inside out.

You see, happiness is an inside job. It’s not based on money, or possessions, or people validating our worth. It’s something that we build inside. But it takes radical responsibility and commitment. And it takes the belief that you deserve it.

You’ve tried everything under the sun, but you’re still not getting that epic transformation you’re seeking. Something is missing. Something isn’t clicking into place like you hoped it would.

So maybe it’s time you asked for support. From someone who has been on this journey; a wild, tempestuous journey of self-exploration and growth, made all the more resonant with people around me who knew how to hold space for what needed to come through. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I know what’s needed, I tell it like it is, and I am OBSESSED with ensuring women see their brilliance.


All you need to do now is decide.

Decide that you are going to be bigger than your excuses. That it’s your time to own your voice. That tall poppy syndrome has no place in your lifE. That you are worth every last bit of time and money invested in you.

I’ve spent the past two years working with mentors, coaches and healers to move through past hurt and trauma and start living my best life. I have a deep inner knowing that I’m here to facilitate growth and transformation.

I’ve overcome crippling social anxiety, fear and self-doubt through reprogramming and sub-conscious patterning work in order to fulfil my life’s work of healing myself and others (it’s an ongoing journey!) and helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

And my past life working as a C-Level Executive Assistant has equipped me with a capacity to problem solve and strategise on an emotional and physical level with the souls I come into contact with.


An Alignment Immersion VIP Experience with me is…

A gift that you are giving to yourself because you NEED it. You’re done feeling shameful that you don’t give yourself the love and attention that you need.

In one day, we will look at everything that you are holding onto that isn’t serving you; the patterns, the beliefs, the emotional baggage, the fear. And we’ll create a vision so big that it scares the hell out of you. But it also excites you so much that you can’t wait to wake up the following day and breathe every last detail of it into existence.

Your VIP day will be held either at a hotel in Auckland or in Waihi & will include meditation, cacao, breathwork, oracle cards, delicious home-made lunch, and some serious healing and transformational deep-dive work/play. Planning, visioning, destroying, building, mapping, creating, believing, BEING. Customised for you + your vision.


Who is this experience for?

This is for the woman who knows she needs a day to herself to get her shit together.

For the woman who is done hiding and is ready to own all parts of herself. To rewrite her story, and make it one worth reading.

For the woman who is ready to stop living in her comfort zone and step into her zone of genius, creativity and fun.

For the woman who wants to start showing up as the woman she knows she came here to be.

If you’re ready to take charge and redefine who you are as a woman, I’m inviting you to apply.


Are you ready to give yourself the ultimate gift and start owning your shit?