Ready To Nourish Yourself

like never before?


If you're ready to start playing a much bigger game in this life of yours you need support, accountability and guidance from someone who's been in the trenches. I know for me personally that a great deal of my growth has come from coaches, mentors and surrounding myself with people who never stop working on their inner selves.

In fact, it was working one-on-one with a life coach less than two years ago that catapulted me into this world of personal development; giving me the encouragement to pursue my health coaching certification, leave my corporate job, and start living a really big life. And holy shit, what has transpired since I said yes to working with that coach--I never could have imagined how epic life could really be.

If you're new to me and new to my story, I encourage you to read my blog, as it will give you a really great insight into the road I've travelled and what I'm about.


Who is one-on-one coaching for?

There's a misconception that only broken people need life coaches, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you are someone who is seeking more fulfilment, more happiness and joy, more health, more wealth and more direction--then coaching is for you. In fact, now that we are busier and more stressed than ever before, more and more people are realising that they can't do life without some form of mentorship. It's a one-on-one relationship, similar to that of a therapist, that gives you regular support, guidance, direction and accountability over a structured, customised 3 month period. I'm really discerning with the clients I choose to work with, and I will only take clients on who I know are prepared to show up fully, put in the ground-work and not play the victim. To get the best results out of coaching, you need to be coachable.


what does the program look like?

  • At the start of the program we spend 90 minutes deep-diving on your life: where you are currently at, where you want to be and what's in the way.

  • Together we create a customised plan based on your current goals and aspirations and your lifestyle, which will become the basis for your transformation

  • During weekly sessions - either on Zoom or in person (in Auckland) we zero in on what we need to do to get you to where you want to be.

  • The sessions are a chance for us to work through any blocks or limiting beliefs that have been coming up for you along the way. You also have full access to me via email and Messenger for the duration of our coaching relationship

  • Your life will begin to unfold in the most magical of ways if you fully commit yourself


what type of people do you work with

I work with women from all walks of life, but only those who are really ready to commit to up-levelling and doing what's necessary to get there. It's not always easy; at times it will feel really hard and uncomfortable, and you might want to bail--but you see, that's where the growth is. I genuinely care about my clients and will give them my all, but I will also call them out on their BS if I need to. This ain't no little league.

So whether you're an entrepreneur yourself, a student, a corporate employee with a side-hustle, or a burnt out mama--I'd love to chat to you to see how we can work together. Check out my one-on-one offerings below. 


Health Coaching

Business Coaching

Mindset Mentorship


you know that you're ready to up-level....now what?

Before embarking on a coaching relationship, I suggest setting up a discovery call where we can say hello IRL, and we can determine whether we'd be a good fit for each other. Click on the button below and we'll get that locked in!